Meatless Monday Campaign Dishonest about Participating Organizations
October 18, 2013

After weeks of investigation, the Animal Agriculture Alliance (AAA) has concluded that the Meatless Monday Campaign is grossly misrepresenting the campaign’s enrollment and prevalence among schools, restaurants, hospitals and colleges. Since the inception of the campaign, AAA has closely monitored the progress and tried to correct its misinformation about the healthfulness of meat consumption and environmental impact of livestock production. 
In anticipation of the Meatless Monday Campaign’s 10th anniversary, the alliance analyzed the overall effects of the campaign and gauged its effectiveness by individually surveying every participant listed on the Meatless Monday website. It found that the campaign has not been as popular as the Meatless Monday movement claimed. Most notably:
out of the 236 kindergarten through twelfth grade schools listed as participating, more than 51 percent no longer or never participated in the program;
out of the 155 colleges/universities listed as participating, more than 43.2 percent no longer or never participated in the program; and
out of the school districts listed as participating, more than 57 percent no longer do.
The Meatless Monday Campaign also counts restaurants and food service providers among their allies, yet, over 35 percent and 47 percent, respectively, no longer participate in the program. 
“These results are truly astounding. When we started the project, we didn’t expect nearly as many organizations to not actually be participating in the program,” said AAA President and CEO Kay Johnson Smith. “The Meatless Monday Campaign tries to promote a reduction in meat, milk and egg consumption as trendy, but clearly it hasn’t taking off as strongly as they’d hoped.” 
Schools, restaurants and food service providers also echoed these sentiments noting that adoption of the campaign was widely unpopular, led to food waste and elicited complaints from parents worried about proper nutrition. 
To learn more about the myths and facts of the Meatless Monday movement and for access to any of the alliance’s comprehensive resources including our “Why Meat” guide, visit AAA at