ASI Farm Bill Priorities
October 18, 2013

With both the Senate and the House Farm Bill conference committee members now appointed, the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) this week shared its Farm Bill priorities with House staffers. 
Livestock Forage and Livestock Indemnity Programs. ASI supports the House position on this issue that calls for 75 percent of a lost sheep’s value to be compensated and includes language that extends coverage to sheep killed by federally reintroduced or regulated predators, including avian predators. 
Sheep Production and Marketing Grant Program and the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center. ASI prefers the Senate version on this topic with its amendment. The grant program helps to improve industry infrastructure, resource development and innovative approaches to long-term industry needs. The amendment allows for funding for each of fiscal years 2014 through 2018. 
Loan Deficiency Program (LDP). ASI supports the LDP provisions for wool and unshorn pelts on a national rate of $1.15/pound grease and a non-graded rate of $0.40/pound as included in both the House and Senate bills.