USDA Sheep and Goat Survey Coming
November 15, 2013

Starting in late December, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS) will measure sheep and goat inventories and wool and mohair production during its annual nationwide survey. 
“Interest in sheep and goat data continues to grow with increased diversification in agriculture and consumer demands,” said Joe Prusacki, director of the NASS Statistics Division. “The sheep and goat inventory survey provides producers the opportunity to report the latest information on conditions and trends in the industry.” 
Late in December, surveyed operators will be asked to provide information about their sheep and goat inventories, counts of lambs and kids born during 2013 and production and prices for wool and mohair. Nationwide, NASS will contact about 23,000 operations to request responses to the survey. 
To make it as easy as possible for producers to participate, NASS offers the option of responding via internet, telephone, mail or a personal interview. 
Peter Orwick, executive director for the American Sheep Industry Association, commented, “I encourage all producers who are surveyed to take the time to respond in an effort to assure the highest level of validity of this important industry report.” 
Information provided by respondents is confidential by law. NASS safeguards the privacy of all survey responses ensuring that no individual operation or producer can be identified. 
Results will be published in February 2014.