Superior Farms Lamb Promotion Headed to the Web
November 8, 2013

Superior Farms will spend the next two months reaching out to consumers and extolling the delights of lamb. The company has developed a digital advertising campaign to promote lamb as a comfort food or a tasty addition to holiday meals and party appetizers. 
The American Lamb Board noted a 10 percent increase in lamb on menus at non-fine dining restaurants over the past five years. This growth has outpaced all other proteins. Superior Farms believes the trend will trickle down to at-home cooks and foodies. 
“The call to action is simple,” said Angela Gentry, marketing director for Superior Farms. “Eat Lamb! There will of course always be a place for the elegant dining experience with a rack of lamb. But there are so many other options, and it’s time that we helped show today’s at-home foodies just how versatile and easy lamb can be – not to mention delicious.” 
The advertisements will target food and food blogger sites. Shoppers who click on the ads will receive a $5 off coupon for Superior Farms lamb.