Heinen’s Add “Where Food Comes From” Label
November 8, 2013

Food Comes From, Inc., the trusted resource for third-party verification of food production practices announced that Mountain States Rosen is utilizing the Where Food Comes From labeling program on its ‘Shepherd’s Pride Lamb’ line. Shepherd’s Pride is a source-verified brand featuring all-natural lamb raised on U.S. family ranches with no antibiotics, no added hormones and a 100 percent vegetarian diet. The labeling program offers valuable farm-to-table information for discriminating consumers and will be initially launched exclusively at Heinen’s Fine Foods stores in Ohio and Illinois. 
Using QR codes for smartphones, Where Food Comes From leads consumers through the story behind their food and empowers customers to make informed decisions about what they feed their families. Customers can learn more about the families who produce their food, as well as more specific details on the product itself. 
“Where Food Comes From is dedicated to connecting consumers back with those who produce their food,” said John Saunders, Chairman and CEO of Where Food Comes From. “Together with Mountain States Rosen, we are educating consumers about their lamb purchase with a story behind every package.” 
Visit www.wherefoodcomesfrom.com/shepherdspride for more information about the program and to meet the ranchers.