Still Standing – The Real Story of N.C. Textiles Industry
May 3, 2013

“My name is Robert Newton. I’m a television producer in Chapel Hill, N.C. I got the idea for Still Standing in 2006 when I found myself constantly correcting people who said to me that the textile industry in North Carolina was dead. I grew up in Shelby, N.C., in a textile family and in 2006, my own family’s textile company was still in business,” says Newton in the kickoff of his 30-minute documentary. 
“You only had to turn on the news during that time to hear stories about the ‘death of the textile industry in North Carolina,'” he continues. 
Having such deep roots in such an important industry, Newton felt he couldn’t let this idea go unchallenged. The documentary talks about a survey carried out in 2006 that found there were still 1,400 textiles companies operating in the state – after it was thought by many to be dead and buried. It’s full of interviews with industry leaders and case studies of companies, which are spearheading the revival of the industry. 
The official premiere of the documentary is available at