Comments on Negative Impact of RSF
May 3, 2013

Seven livestock and poultry groups, including the American Sheep Industry Association, submitted comments to the House Energy and Commerce Committee on the negative effects the federal Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) has had on agriculture, including the high cost of feed facing livestock and poultry producers. 
“The RFS has been the major driver in increasing corn use for ethanol production and causing corn stocks to decline to crisis levels,” the comments state. “In a market-driven world, ethanol would be priced competitively with gasoline. That has never been true in the history of the industry.” 
Additionally, the groups submitted a study to support its comments, The RFS, Fuel and Food Prices, and the Need for Reform, completed by Tom Elam, Ph.D., of FarmEcon. The study examined the extensive impact the RFS has had on food and fuel prices. It is available at