World Wool Production Expected to Remain Stable
June 28, 2013

At the latest International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO) Congress held in Biella, Italy, earlier this month, Chris Wilcox, IWTO Market Intelligence Committee chairman, presented to the conference delegates his take on the most recent figures released on world wool production. 
Main wool producing countries including Australia, China, New Zealand and Argentina are all expected to produce less wool. Only India is expected to see a rise in wool production. 
Italy is predicted to show a 1-percent drop in volume to 1.1 million kilograms (kg) clean for 2013-2014. 
Uruguay and Mongolia will see a small increase in production and, with India’s bigger clip, this will balance out the falls in other countries. 
Australia remains the world’s largest wool producer, with a predicted 245 million kg (clean) in 2013-2014, down 1.4 percent from this year’s production of 249 million kg. 
China’s production is expected to fall 1 percent to 167 million kgs, while New Zealand’s drought means its production could slip 5 percent to 121 million kg. 
Wilcox said that tough seasonal conditions from spring to autumn in Australia and New Zealand, along with seasonal woes in China, would push production down. 
The drop in production in Argentina was due to a swing from wool to growing crops. 
Reprinted from IWTO Market Intelligence