Oppose Egg Amendment in House Farm Bill
June 21, 2013

In letters to U.S. House of Representatives Chairman Lucas (Okla.) and Ranking Member Peterson (Minn.), 115 agriculture groups opposed the inclusion of the “Egg Bill” in the House Farm Bill. H.R. 1731/S. 820, the “Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments of 2013,” writes into federal law an agreement between animal rights activists and egg producers that requires the cages used for laying hens to nearly double in size. 
“If egg producers want to agree with animal rights activists on standards for hen housing, there is currently no law that prohibits them from entering into such agreement. However, codifying such an agreement in law, as this legislation does, sets a dangerous precedent for allowing the federal government to dictate everything that happens on farms. Ultimately, it could affect every corner of agriculture, interfering with the livelihoods of family farmers from coast to coast,” the letter stated. 
The American Sheep Industry Association joined livestock producer and meat industry groups in opposition to the legislation sponsored by animal right activists. The House Farm Bill was defeated on Thursday.