Mexico Invests in Slaughter
June 21, 2013

For more than seven years in a row, the Mexican Federal Government has provided support to producers to encourage them to slaughter their cattle, pigs, sheep and goats at “Federal Inspection Type” (TIF) plants, as opposed to using municipal and private abattoirs that have less regulatory oversight. This year, the government will invest 250 million pesos (~US$19,305,019) in the program, which is expected to benefit about 1,500 farmers and cattle associations. 
Producers will receive an incentive per head of livestock slaughtered at TIF plants. As of May 20, 1.1 million head of livestock already earned payments under this program. So far, the swine industry has benefited from 83.5 million pesos, cattle producers 59.2 million pesos, goat producers 1.3 million pesos and sheep 15,000 pesos. 
Reprinted in part from National Meat Association