Support Cloture on Immigration Bill
June 14, 2013

Support cloture and proceed to consideration of the immigration bill was the message sent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) in a letter signed by nearly 150 organizations involved in agriculture, including the American Sheep Industry Association. 
“This bill was crafted in a bipartisan, transparent fashion and offers the reforms needed to modernize and mend our broken immigration system,” the letter stated. 
“While the labor situation in agriculture has been a concern for many years, it has now reached a breaking point. Today, large segments of American agriculture face a critical lack of workers, a shortage that makes our farms and ranches less competitive and that threatens the abundant, safe and affordable food supply American consumers enjoy. 
“The agriculture provisions in the immigration bill reflect the landmark agreement between the Agriculture Workforce Coalition and the United Farm Workers Union. These provisions include both an earned adjustment of status for current experienced and essential but unauthorized agricultural workers, and a new, more flexible program to provide access to a legal workforce into the future. This legislation will provide a lasting solution for the industry and allow American agriculture to remain a bright spot in our economy.”