ASI Executive Board Summary of Actions
June 14, 2013

At its June 7 conference call meeting, the American Sheep Industry Association’s (ASI) Executive Board approved the following actions:
Nominate Clark Willis (Utah) and Jay Bobb, DVM (Minn.) to one seat and Joan Snyder (N.Y.) and Margaret Soulen Hinson (Md.) as directors to the second seat on the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center board. Two seats are up for appointment.
Nominated Stan Potratz (Iowa) and Dianne Peavey (Idaho) to the American Lamb Board (ALB) in the slot representing producers with more than 500 head.
Nominate Jim Percival (Ohio) and Curt Coleman (N.D.) to the ALB for the seat representing producers who own less than 100 head.
A motion was approved that the ASI Executive Board intends to file legal support for the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station (USSES). A lawsuit has been entered by anti-livestock activists against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service contending that the USSES is harming the region’s grizzly bear population.