Industry Roadmap Feedback Requested
July 19, 2013

The Lamb Industry Roadmap Project is making great strides since its initial January meeting in San Antonio with The Hale Group. However, the industry advisory group seeks widespread input from all segments of the industry in the second phase of this effort before it adopts its final recommendations. 
The advisory group urges all interested industry participants to carefully review the PowerPoint presentation, which summarizes its current thinking. 
To review the presentation, go to 
The advisory group requests that you critically review the ideas and concepts and ask:
Does this make sense?
Is anything missing?
How would you improve the recommendations?
When reviewing the presentation, please keep in mind the following points:
In Phase 1, the advisory group focused on WHAT recommendations should be implemented.
In Phase 2, the advisory group is focusing on HOW the recommendations should be implemented, including specific action steps with deadlines for completion.
In Phase 1, the focus was on recommendations for the “traditional” industry; in Phase 2, much more attention will be placed on the “non-traditional” industry.
The advisory group seriously wants to gather input from many participants representing all segments of the industry before making final decisions on recommendations in late August.
All interested industry members are urged to participate on one of the conference calls scheduled during the week of July 22 to give feedback on the initial set of recommendations from the advisory group and to provide ideas for additional recommendations not included in the presentation. 
To participate in these industry discussions, sign up for one of the conference calls at If you are not able to participate on one of the scheduled calls, contact Megan Wortman at to arrange a time to discuss the recommendations.