Nancy Robinson Retires from LMA
January 4, 2013

Nancy Robinson, vice president of government and industry affairs, retired in December after 23 years of leading the Livestock Marketing Association (MLA) through issues like the beef checkoff, horse slaughter, animal disease traceability and Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration rules. During her time at LMA, she made certain the needs and voice of the livestock auction markets and dealers of all sizes were heard and respected. 
If you’ve had the opportunity to work with Nancy over the years, you know first-hand that she is passionate about her politics, standing up for what is right and giving a voice to the hard working individuals of the industry she serves. 
Robinson worked across species groups with the producers who raised the animals that the livestock markets handle and tried to find positive solutions to the problems producers face and the sheep industry was no exception. From educational programs on downer animals and animal welfare to scrapie ID compliance, she has always been an advocate of finding workable and practical solutions and programs.