Portraits of Pastoralism
February 22, 2013

United States Artists has awarded Wyoming writer and photographer, Cat Urbigkit, a project page for her Portraits of Pastoralism activity. If the $12,000 needed for the project is raised, the project will result in a 20-image black and white traveling photography exhibit of pastoralists around the globe, illuminating the challenges faced by people whose cultures involve the seasonal movement with livestock herds. 
The exhibit will be made available to venues throughout the country, and the American Sheep Industry Association’s executive director, Peter Orwick, has already pledged to have the presentation on display during the 2014 convention in Charleston, S.C., next January. 
All donations toward the project are tax deductible, and the deadline for support is March 20. To learn more about the project, go to the Portraits of Pastoralism project page at www.usaprojects.org/project/portraits_of_pastoralism.