From the Ranch Gate to the Dinner Plate
February 15, 2013

Most Americans are several generations removed from a background in production agriculture, and have little, if any, first-hand knowledge about where their food comes from and how that food is produced. America’s sheep farmers and ranchers produce high-quality food and fiber in an ever-changing and increasingly complex environment. Stewards of the land, these farmers and ranchers provide wildlife habitat, open space and a myriad of other benefits that enhance our communities and our nation. 
American lamb is raised from coast-to-coast and border-to-border. The From the Ranch Gate to Dinner Plate DVD was filmed in Colorado and takes a look at seasonal production practices in that state. 
Individual chapters of From the Ranch Gate to the Dinner Plate can be viewed by going to The DVD is also available for purchase. 
The video is presented by the Colorado Lamb Council, the Colorado Wool Growers Association and the American Lamb Board.