Charleston Trivia and Convention Updates
December 6, 2013

South Carolina is the nation’s leading peach producer and shipper east of the Mississippi River. 
John Mackenzie (S.C.) and Doug Lunsford (N.C.) have been selected as the recipients of the 2014 Wool Excellence Award sponsored by the American Wool Council’s Wool Roundtable. 
“The roundtable chose well when they chose to honor Mackenzie and Lunsford this year,” said Rita Kourlis Samuelson, wool marketing director for ASI. “Each men dedicated his life to the betterment of the wool industry.” 
Mackenzie and Lunsford will be honored during the Wool Recognition lunch on Thursday, Jan. 23, during the ASI/National Lamb Feeders Association Annual Convention in Charleston, S.C. Associates will be given an opportunity to recognize them for their service to the industry during the event. Tickets must be purchased in advance and can be purchased in conjunction with a convention registration. 
Press releases announcing the wool award winners are attached to the end of this newsletter.