TPP Core Principles Communicated
August 30, 2013

A group of agriculture and food organizations, including the American Sheep Industry Association, representing the vast majority of the nation’s producers, processors and exporters issued a Statement of Core Principles for a Successful Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement this week to Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack and U.S. Trade Representative Mike Froman. These principles are aimed at ensuring that the TPP negotiations fulfill a promise of a high-quality agreement that can serve as a standard for future trade agreements. 
These principles include: 
– the TPP agreement must cover all elements of trade and investment, including agriculture; 
– there must be no product or sector exclusions, including in agriculture; 
– all tariffs and other market access barriers must be phased out by the end of the negotiated transition period; 
– risk-based scientific decision making, regulatory convergence and equivalence are important; 
– a rapid response mechanism is needed to address frustration of trade in perishable and time-sensitive shipments; 
– obligations that go beyond those in the World Trade Organization must be subject to TPP enforcement provisions, including in the sanitary and phytosanitary chapter; and 
– the agreement must be a single undertaking.