ASI Queries Wool Industry on Quality Program
August 30, 2013

In its ongoing effort to help wool growers provide high-quality raw wool to wool buyers, the AWC has developed a wool quality survey that will be distributed to wool buyers, wool warehousemen, wool pools and wool processors to collect information on this effort. 
“Wool quality is extremely important for U.S. wool producers to remain competitive and expand production in the future,” said Larry Pilster, AWC chair. “The results of this survey will help the wool council to formulate future wool quality programs and set goals necessary to maximize our wool production.” 
The American Sheep Industry Association’s American Wool Council (AWC) implemented a Wool Quality Improvement Program in 1991. The main emphasis was to enhance wool quality through proper preparation and packaging. This program and the activities have been adopted by the majority of wool producers in the United States.