New Strategies for Safeguarding Dewormers – and the Sheep
August 9, 2013

Managing internal parasites in sheep by regular deworming of all animals is “no longer sustainable,” according to an Ohio State University team of researchers. They maintain that frequently observed worm populations resistant to all chemical classes of dewormer available to producers is warning “of the need to develop and adopt additional strategies if we intend to continue using pasture-based systems” for small ruminants. 
Ohio State University veterinarian, William Shulaw, teamed up with extension educators, Rory Lewandowski and Jeff McCutcheon, and U.S. Department of Agriculture research biochemist, Joyce Foster, with the Appalachian Farming Systems Research Center, Beaver, W.Va., to explore new strategies for coping with parasites on pasture, the bane of sheep producers. 
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Reprinted in part from Minnesota Farm Guide