Wool Packs in Miscellaneous Tariff Bill
April 12, 2013

U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) announced plans to file for a temporary suspension of the tariff on nylon packs imported to package and transport wool from America’s farms and ranches. 
The legislation would be considered as part of a large package of similar efforts under the U.S. Job Creation and Manufacturing Competitiveness Act of 2013 H.R. 6727. 
The packs are specifically built to fit balers which compress several hundred pounds of wool and withstand transport; however, they are not made in the United States and must be imported. The tariff could amount to a dollar-a-pack savings to sheep producers if suspended. 
The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) appreciates the support of Smith as well as his colleague Rep. Michael Conaway (R-TX) in this measure to help reduce expenses for farmers and ranchers facing the highest input costs in history.