Crop Disaster Program


The 2003 Crop Disaster Program (CDP), as provided for by the Agricultural Assistance Act of 2003, reimburses producers for qualifying losses to agricultural commodities (other than sugar cane, sugar beets or tobacco) due to damaging weather or related conditions. The damages must be in excess of 35 percent for either the 2001 or 2002 crop for loss of production or 20 percent for quality losses. The program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA), has no set funding limitation.

Eligible Crops

CDP covers all crops as follows:

  • Insured Crops — Crops insured by either catastrophic (CAT) or buy-up (coverage of 50/100 or greater) crop insurance;
  • Uninsured Crops — Crops for which crop insurance was available but not purchased;
  • Noninsurable Crops — Crops for which crop insurance was not available.

The Farm Service Agency division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture carries detailed information about the Crop Disaster Program on its Disaster Assistance Web Site at: .