“Increasing the U.S. sheep numbers can certainly be part of Let’s Grow, but looking to the future, increasing efficiency of production and quality and flow of what we produce is a desirable goal. Our committee discussed ‘let’s change’ as a better description, but with further consideration determined that the sheep industry needs to retain the ‘strengths’we have and work to fix our ‘shortfalls.’”
Wes Moser, Iowa


One hundred forty one grant-requests amounting to more than $3.6 million have been submitted with 57 grants approved by the American Sheep Industry totaling more than $966,000 over the three fiscal years 2015, 2016 and 2017 to be used by producer groups to invest to achieve the goals of the Productivity Improvement Committee of the sheep industries roadmap.

The funds were designed to remove current barriers that have historically prevented sheep producers from adopting these technologies. These barriers may be financial, technical, facilitative, or a combination of such. Funds are expected to make long term changes in sheep production that will live on into the future past the funding
opportunities of this program

As of September 30, 2017 open grant funding ended. A limited number of grants are being approved for fiscal year 2018 to help complete or enhance previously funded projects.