“I feel the Let’s Grow Program is off to a great start and will drive growth and enthusiasm well into the future as producers, both new and established, are encouraged, supported, and mentored as they enter the industry, or expand their flocks, or endorse and adopt new technologies and methods of improving production and efficiency.”

Bill Sparrow, Jr., N.C.


The goal of the Let’s Grow initiative is to ensure that the U.S. sheep industry is sustainable for future producers of lamb and wool. Increasing production efficiencies at the farm gate will assist in the sustainability of the industry’s infrastructure.
The American Sheep Industry Association is working with the industry – producer leaders, researchers, extension agents, company representatives and other industry organizations – to encourage sheep producers to improve production efficiencies in light of the high costs of feed, fuel and other costs of production.
A strategy to strengthen the lamb and wool industry’s infrastructure by making progress in sheep management and production is vital for the long-term sustainability of the industry.