USDA Weekly National Lamb Market Summary

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, utilizes the mandatory price-reporting system to publish the USDA Weekly National Lamb Market Summary . The weekly summary includes the following categories:

      • National Sheep Summary
      • National Daily Lamb Carcass
      • USDA National Lamb Estimated Grading Percent
      • National Boxed Lamb Cuts
      • National Weekly Comprehensive Lamb Carcuss
      • USDA Estimated National Lamb Carcass Cutout
      • Actual Slaughter Under Federal Inspection
      • New Zealand Meant and Wool Export Summary
      • Canadian Federally Inspected Slaghter
      • Texas Sheep Export Figures
      • National Weekly Carcass and Lamb Cuts - Imported Product
      • Regional Weekly Summaries
      • Weekly Lamb Pelts
      • National Wool Review