Sheep & Goat Research Journal

Volume 32, 2017

Volume 31, 2016

Sex of Littermate Twin Affects Lifetime Ewe Productivity

Factors Affecting Price Differences Between Wool and Hair Lambs in San Angelo, Texas

Selective Deworming Effects on Performance and Parameters Associated with Gastrointestinal Parasite Management in Lambs and Meat-Goat Kids Finished on Pasture

Genetic Parameters for Internal Parasite Resistance, Reproduction, and Growth Traits in a Closed Line of Kiko × Boer Goats Divergently Selected for Internal Parasite Resistance

The Use of Organic Pinot Noir Grape Extract as a Natural Anthelmintic in Katahdin Lambs

Factors Affecting Meat Goat Prices in San Angelo, Texas

Performance of Boer-Spanish and Spanish Does in Texas: Kid Production and Doe Stayability

Volume 30, 2015

Genetic Evaluation of Weaning Weight and the Probability of Lambing at 1 Year of Age in Targhee Lambs

Use of Annual Forage Crops as a Late-Season Forage for Pregnant Ewes, Insect Habitat and to Improve Soil Health

Performance and Behavior by Spring-Born Katahdin Lambs Weaned Using Traditional or Fenceline-Weaning Methods in the Morning or Evening

Movements of Domestic Sheep in the Presence of Livestock Guardian Dogs

Gastro-intestinal Parasite (GIP) Infestation and its Associated Effects on Growth Performance of Bucks on a Pasture-based Test in Maryland

Effects of Photoperiodic Manipulation on Growth Rate and Ability to Breed Fall-born Ewe Lambs in Spring

Effects of Fenceline or Traditional Weaning Methods in Drylot on Performance and Behavior by Katahdin Crossbred Lambs

Volume 29, 2014

High Frequencies of the αS1-Casein Zero Variant in Milk from Swedish Dairy Goats

Effects of Sex, Breed, Callipyge Phenotype, and Docked Tail Length on Rectal Prolapse in Lambs

Performance by Yearling Katahdin Ewes Grazing Toxic Tall Fescue Using Either Continuous or Rotational Grazing Schemes in Late Spring Through Summer

Effects of Diet Particle Size and Lasalocid on Growth, Carcass Traits, and N balance in Feedlot Lambs

Consumer Evaluation and Shear Force of Retail Domestic Grain-Finished, Imported New Zealand Grass-Finished, and Missouri-Produced Grass-Finished Lamb Racks

Effects of Breed of Sheep and Dietary Onions on Bitterweed (Hymenoxys odorata DC) Toxicity

Impact of Changes in Weight, Fat Depth, and Loin Muscle Depth on Carcass Yield and Value and Implications for Selection and Pricing of Rams from Terminal-Sire Sheep Breeds

Effect of Fat Source on Growth Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Growing Lambs

Volume 28, 2013

Efficacy of Pregnancy-Specific Protein B Assay to Detect Pregnancy and Lambing Rates in Sheep

Growth and Performance of Meat Goat Kids from Two Seasons of Birth in Kentucky

Tail Length at Docking and Weaning of Lambs

Accuracy of Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Sex and Effect of Sex and Birth Type on Biparietal Diameter of Saanen Goat Fetuses

Technical Note: Effects of Supplementation of Expired Human Foodstuffs on Intake and Digestion of Wethers Fed a Base...

Volume 27, 2012

Effects of Supplemental Dried Distillers Grains or Soybean Hulls on Growth and Internal Parasites Status of Grazing Lambs

Performance of Meat Goats Control-Grazed on Winter Annual Grasses

Efficacy Of Garlic Juice, Copper Oxide Wire Particles, And Anthelmintics To Control Gastrointestinal Nematodes In Goates

Effectiveness of Theobromine and Caffeine Mixtures in Coyote Lure Operative Devices as a Predacide: A Simulated Field Study

Post-Natal Skin Follicle Development in The Raieni Cashmere Goat

Research Symposium Utilization of Genomic Information for the Sheep Industry

Volume 26, 2011

Mixed Grazing Goats With Cattle on Reclaimed Coal Mined Lands in the Appalachian Region: Effects on Forage Standing Biomass,

Effects of Season of Kidding on Doe Performance in Commercial Boer Cross Does

Sulfur Intake, Excretion, and Ruminal Hydrogen Sulfide Concentrations in Lambs Fed Increasing ...

Growth and Carcass Characteristics of Conventionally Raised Lambs Versus Naturally Raised Lambs

Effects of Rumen-Protected Arginine Supplementation on Ewe Serum-Amino-Acid Concentration...

Volume 25, 2010

A Review: The Use of Livestock Protection Dogs in Association with Large Carnivores in the Rocky Mountains

Effect of Feeding System on Meat Goat Growth Performance and Carcass Traits

Effects of Supplemental Cobalt on Nutrient Digestion and Nitrogen Balance in Lambs Fed Forage-based Diets

Evaluation of Ultrasonography to Measure Fetal Size and Heart Rate as Predictors of Fetal Age in Hair Sheep

Effects of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin on Serum Progesterone Concentration During the First Weeks After Mating, Components of Pre-implantation Complete Blood Counts, and Number of Offspring...

Effect of Finishing Crossbred Meat Goats with a Similar Total Quantity of Finisher Ration Over Variable Duration

Protein Supplementation of Low-quality Forage: Influence of Frequency of Supplementation on Ewe Performance and Lamb Nutrient Utilization

Can Sheep and Cattle Rumen Microorganisms be Conditioned to Invasive Weeds?

Substituting Corn Dried Distillers Grains for Cottonseed Meal in Lamb Finishing Diets: Carcass Characteristics, Meat Fatty Acid Profiles, and Sensory Panel Traits

Feedlot Performance, Carcass Characteristics, and Muscle CLA Concentration of Lambs Fed Diets Supplemented with Safflower Seeds and Vitamin E

Pregnancy rates after ewes were treated with estradiol-17β and oxytocin

Manipulating Sheep Browsing Levels on Coyote Willow (Salix exigua) with Supplements

Effects of Physical Isolation on Serum and Salivary Cortisol and Components of Complete Blood Counts in Yearling Ewes

Research Note: Sheep Antiserum as an Antibody Supplement in Newborn Lambs

Volume 24, 2009

Wool Price Differences by Preparation in the United States

Evaluating Nutritional Status of Dorper and Rembouillet Ewes in Range Sheep Production

Effect of Expected Peripheral Concentrations of Progesterone on Ovulation Rate and Litter Size in Barbados Blackbelly Ewes

Post-weaning Management of Lambs Alters Subsequent Feedlot Performance and Tissue Deposition

Substituting distillers dried grains for cottonseed meal in lamb-finishing diets: growth, wool characteristics, and serum NEFA, urea N, and IGF-1 concentrations

Volume 23, 2008

Nutrient Utilization in Polypay and Percentage White Dorper Lambs Fed a High-Roughage and a High-Concentrate Diet

PRNP Genotype and Sale Price - Associations of prion protein genotype with sale price in a flock of purebred Polled Dorsets

The Yellowing Propensity of Rambouillet Wool

Feeding of DDGS in Lamb Rations

Volume 22, 2007

Weaning Weights in a Range Purebred Merino and Crossbred Merino x Rambouillet Flock

Peanut Stover and Bermudagrass Hay for Wethers on Summer Hardwood Rangeland in North Central Texas

Growth and Carcass Characteristics in Goat Kids Fed Grass- and Alfalfa-Hay-Based Diets with Limited Concentrate Supplementation

Western Snowberry Response to Fire and Goat Browsing

Superovulation in Sheep: Number and Weight of the Corpora Lutea and Serum Progesterone

Cash Versus Contract Marketing in the U.S. Lamb Industry

Winter Grazing Systems for Gestating Ewes

Volume 21, 2006

Browsing of Western Snowberry by Goats and Sheep

Stocking Rates on Cultivated Winter Pastures for Meat Goats

Sexual Performance and Reproductive Characteristics of Young Adult Awassi, Charollais-Awassi and Romanov-Awassi Rams

The Color of Scoured and Carded Wools: A Comparison of U.S., Australian and New Zealand Wools

Development and Consumer Acceptance of Pre-cooked Lamb Leg Roasts

Efficacy of Dried Distiller's Grains with Solubles as a Replacement for Soybean Meal and a Portion of the Corn in a Finishing Lamb Diet

Development and Consumer Acceptance of Pre-cooked Goat Roasts

Corn Supplement for Goats on Summer Rangeland or Improved Pasture

Volume 20, 2005

Seasonal Acceptance of Fourwing Saltbush by Sheep When Crested Wheatgrass is the Alternative

Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Lambs Sired by Texel, Romanov, St. Croix or Dorset Rams from Polypay and St. Croix Ewes

Cost of a Maedi Visna Flock Certification Program and the Changes in Productivity and Economic Return

Post-weaning Growth and Carcass Traits of St. Croix White and Dorper X St. Croix White Lambs Grazing Pasture During the Dry and Wet Seasons in the U.S. VI

Post-weaning Growth and Carcass Traits of St. Croix White and Dorper X St. Croix White Lambs Fed a Concentrate Diet in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Growth Performance of Barbados Blackbelly, Katahdin and St. Croix Hair Sheep Lambs Fed Pasture- or Hay-based Diets

Gastrointestinal Parasitism in Hair Sheep and Meat Goat Breeds Grazing Naturally Infected Pasture

Carcass and Growth Characteristics of Wethers Sired by Percentage White Dorper or Hampshire Rams 1

Lamb Production of Dorper, Katahdin, and St. Croix Bred in Summer, Winter, or Spring in the Southeastern United States

Postweaning Performance of Hair and Wool Sheep and Reciprocal-crosses on Pasture and in Feedlot

Volume 19, 2004 -- Special Edition: Predation

Predation and Livestock Production Perspective and Overview

Economic Impact of Sheep Predation in the United States

The History of Federal and Cooperative Animal Damage Control

Status and Management of Coyote Depredations in the Eastern United States

The Coyote in the Edwards Plateau of Texas -- an Update

Coyote Predation Management: An Economic Analysis of Increased Antelope Recruitment and Cattle Production in South Central Wyoming

Feral Swine Impacts on Agriculture and the Environment

Managing Wolf Depredation in the United States: Past, Present, and Future

Compensation Programs in Wyoming for Livestock Depredation by Large Carnivores

Direct, Spillover, and Intangible Benefits of Predation Management

Indirect Effects of Carnivores on Livestock Foraging Behavior and Production

Livestock Depredations by Black Vultures and Golden Eagles

Non-lethal Alternatives for Predation Management

Use of Livestock Guarding Animals to Reduce Predation on Livestock

Predacides for Canid Predation Management

Selective Targeting of Alpha Coyotes to Stop Sheep Depredation

Using Genetic Analyses to Identify Predators

Economic Impact of Protected Large Carnivores on Sheep Farming in Norway

Review of Canid Management in Australia for the Protection of Livestock and Wildlife - Potential Application to Coyote Management

Volume 18: 2003

Interrelationships of Traits Measured on Fine-wool Rams During a Central Performance Test

Effects of Supplementing Polyethylene Glycol to Goat Kids Grazing Sericea Lespedeza and Early Post-weaning Nutritive Plane Upon Subsequent Growth

Use of DNA Markers to Determine Paternity in a Multiple-Sire Mating Flock

Use of the Lamb Vision System to Predict Carcass Value

Potential Associative Effects of Increasing Dietary Forage in Limit-fed Ewes Fed a 6% Fat Diet

Quebracho Tannin Influence on Nitrogen Balance in Small Ruminants and In-Vitro Parameters when Utilizing Alfalfa Forage

An Investigation into the Risk Factors Associated with Clinical Mastitis in Colorado Sheep

Weight Changes in Fall and Spring Lambing Ewes Grazing Fallow Wheat Fields During the Summer

Effect of Ethanol Supplementation on In Vitro Digestion and VFA Production and Growth Performance of Newly Weaned

Growth and Reproductive Performance of Ewe Lambs Implanted with Zeranol after Weaning, but before Sexual Maturation

Consumer Evaluation of Pre-Cooked Lamb

Caprine Arthritis-Encephalitis: An Update

An Evaluation of Different Energy Supplements for Lambs Consuming Endophyte-free Tall Fescue

Effects of the FecB Gene in Half-sib Families of Rambouillet-cross Ewes

The Effects of Energy Source and Ionophore Supplementation on Lamb Growth, Carcass Characteristics and Tenderness

Effects of Supplementing Ewes with d-a-Tocopherolon Serum and Colostrum Immunoglobulin G Titers and Preweaning Lamb Performance

Comparing Indicators of Sheep Grazing Leafy Spurge and Perennial Grasses

Research Note - Repeated Injections of Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin (PMSG) Failed to Induce Antibody Production in Fall Lambing Ewes

Case Report - Monensin Poisoning in a Sheep Flock

Volume 17, No. 3: 2002 -- Special Issue: Breeding for Meat Production

Preface and Overview

Selection for Reproductive Efficiency

Genetic and Environmental Impacts on Prenatal Lamb Loss

Lamb Mortality

Opportunities to Reduce Seasonality of Breeding in Sheep by Selection

Strategies for Genetic Improvement of Carcass Value in Lambs

Relationships Among Traits: Growth Rate, Mature Size, Carcass Composition and Reproduction

Composite Trait Selection for Improving Lamb Production

Fundamental Aspects of Crossbreeding of Sheep: Use of Breed Diversity to Improve Efficiency of Meat Production

Use of Finnsheep Crosses in a Western Commercial Sheep Operation

Volume 17, No. 2: 2002

Fall and Winter Grazing of Brassicas - a Value-Added Opportunity for Lamb Producers

Effects of Prenatal Shearing of Ewes on Birth Weight and Neonatal Survivability of Lambs

Scrapie in Sheep: A Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy

Effect of Colostrum Intake on Serum Hormone Concentrations and Immunoglobulin G Absorption in Neonatal Lambs

Adipose Tissue Lipogenic Enzyme Activity, Serum IGF-I, and IGF-Binding Proteins in the Callipyge Lamb

Technical Note - Genetic Control of Color in Dorper Sheep and Their Crosses

Research Note - Influence of Supplement Form on Ewe Performance and Reproduction

Volume 17, No. 1, 2001

Advantages of Multispecies Grazing: Perceptions of Idaho and Wyoming Producers

Prickle Factor in Fleeces of Performance-tested Fine-wool Rams

U.S. Lamb Demand

Comparison of Three Measuring Techniques for Staple Length and Strength in U.S. Wool

Research Notes - Survival and Serum IgG Levels in Twin Born Lambs Supplemented with Vitamin E Early in Life

Research Notes - Is There an Influence of Individual Rams on Ewe Prolificacy?

Technical Notes - Enterprise Budgeting for Ewe Flock Operations

Volume 16, No. 3 - 2000

Semen Quality of Hair Sheep Rams in a Tropical Environment After Temporary Scrotal Insulation
Author: R.W. Godfrey, J.R. Collins, E.L. Hensley

Influence of Winter Backgrounding Systems on Subsequent Lamb Finishing Performance, Body Composition, Carcass Traits, and Palatability
Author: B.C. Shanks, P.G. Hatfield, R.A. Field, J.A. Hopkins, G.S. Lewis

Sheep as a Reservoir for Shiga-like Toxin Producing Escherichia coli Including 0157: H7 (A Review)
Author: H.S. Hussein, S.L. Lake, H.A. Glimp

Productivity of Western White Face Ewes Consuming Ruminally Degradable and Undegradable Protein During Flushing and Late Gestation
Author: W.S. Ramsey, E.L. McFadin, T.T. Ross, M.K. Peterson

A Consumer Survey of Goat Meat: Perception, Knowledge, and Use
Author: K.S. Rhee, M. Oltman, J. Han

Varying Grazing Pressure Affects Lamb Performance on Seedling Alfalfa
Author: J.N. Guerrero, C.E. Bell

Use of Goats to Manage Vegetation in Cattle Pastures in the Appalachian Region of North Carolina
Author: J-M. Luginbuhl, J.T. Green, Jr., M.H. Poore, A.P. Conrad

Relationship of Face Cover with Productivity of Angora Does on Rangeland
Author: C.J. Lupton, P.V. Thompson, F.A. Pfeiffer

News & Notes

Volume 16, No. 2 - 2000

Development and Reproductive Performance in Suffolk and Whiteface Ewe Lambs Consuming Medium-Quality Forage and Supplemented with Two Levels of Undegradable Intake Protein
Author: M.W. Salisbury, T.T. Ross, C.R. Krehbiel, L.L. Melton, C.L. Schultz, D.M. Hallford

Effects of Breed, Sex, Birth Type and Colostrum Intake on Cold Tolerance in Newborn Lambs
Author: S.K. Hamadeh, P.G. Hatfield, R.W. Kott, B.F. Sowell, B.L. Robinson, N.J. Roth

Regional Differences in Slaughter Lamb Marketing and Prices
Author: H.C. Greer, C.E. Ward

Revealed Comparative Advantage and the Measurement of International Competitiveness for Wool
Author: D. Leishman, D.J. Menkhaus, G.D. Whipple

Effect of Dietary Copper Level on Performance and Copper Status of Growing Meat Goats
Author: J.M. Luginbuhl, M.H. Poore, J.W. Spears, T.T. Brown

Technical Notes:
Alpha Acid Glycoprotein (AGP) as an Early Indicator of Stress in Newborn Lambs

Author: S.K. Hamadeh, P.G. Hatfield, B.L. Robinson, N.J. Roth, R.W. Kott

Comparative Performance of Dorper-Cross and Rambouillet Lambs
Author: G.E. Moss, B.W. Hess, J.E. Nel, M.L. Riley, R.H. Stobart, L.G. McNeal, W.C. Russell

Research Briefs:
Genetic Resistance to Gastro-intestinal Nematode Parasites in Red Maasai, Dorper and Red Maasai x Dorper Ewes in the Sub-humid Tropics

Author: R.L. Baker, D.M. Mwamachi, J.O. Audho, E.O. Aduda, W. Thorpe

Effect of Breed-Type and Feeding Regimen on Goat Carcass Traits
Author: J.S. Oman, D.F. Waldron, D.B. Griffin, J.W. Savell

News & Notes

Volume 16, No. 1 - 2000

Effect of Short Term, Prepartum Feeding of Level and Type of Protein on Ewe Performance and Colostrum Accumulation
Author: B.L. Roeder, V.M. Thomas, R.W. Kott, P.G. Hatfield, D. Burgess

Genotype x Environment Interaction for Ewe Performance in Fall Lambing.
I. Reproduction

Author: D.R. Notter, G.E. Bradford, S.A. Alexieva, H. Sakul

Genotype x Environment Interaction for Ewe Performance in Fall Lambing.
II. Lamb Growth and Ewe Body Size

Author: D.R. Notter, G.E. Bradford, S.A. Alexieva, H. Sakul

A Brief Review of the Potential Use of the Booroola Allele (Fec B ) in the United States
Author: T.D. Willingham, D.F. Waldron

National Sheep Improvement Program: Heritability Estimates for Production Traits in Columbia, Dorset, Hampshire, and Rambouillet Sheep
Author: L.L.L. Martin, G.L. Hargrove, G.W. Rogers, C.C. Engle

Research Notes:
Using ELISA to Determine Sheep Serum Immunoglobulin G
Author: J.T. Daniels, D.E. Burgess, P.G. Hatfield, R.W. Kott

Volume 15, No. 3 - 1999

Ewe Reproductive Performance and Lamb Preweaning Growth and Survival in Finnsheep Crossbred Ewes Lambing in Spring or Fall
Author: David R. Notter, Bee Tolman

Effects of Ewe Breed Type, Season, and Weaning Age on Postweaning Performance of Crossbred Lambs
Author: David R. Notter, Bee Tolman

Copper Toxicosis in Sheep: A Review
Author: J.E. Huston, L.W. Greene

Selection for Litter Size or Weaning Weight in Range Sheep
I. Selection Practiced and Direct Response

Author: H. Sakul, G.E. Bradford, M.R. Dally

Selection for Litter Size or Weaning Weight in Range Sheep
II. Correlated Responses and Effect on Productivity

Author: G.E. Bradford, H. Sakul, M.R. Dally

Effects of Limited Concentrate Intake Following Forage on Subsequent Performance of Lambs Consuming Concentrate
Author: G.E. Aiken, A.L. Goetsch

The Clean Color of U.S. Wool Fiber: Comparison of Scoured and Carded Wools
Author: Bruce A. Cameron, Donna M. Brown, Robert H. Stobart

Research Notes

News Briefs

Volume 15, No. 2 - 1999

Treatment of Ovine Foot Rot Use of Florfenicol Versus Oxytetracycline for Treatment of Ovine Foot Rot
Author: S. Vandyke, L. Wallace, S.W. Sterle, J.A. Daniel, B.J. Holmberg, D.H. Keisler

Comparison of Reproductive Performance of Crossbred Ewes Maintained as a Fall or Spring Lambing Flock at Two Different Locations: Fertility, Prolifacacy, and Litter Weight Weaned
Author: T.P. Lundeen, A.L. Slyter

Effect of Short-Term Protein Supplementation on Colostrum Characteristics and Immunoglobulin G Concentrations in Colostrum and Ewe and Lamb Serum
Author: M.M. Mazzone, D.W. Holcombe, C.J. Ackerman, C.E. Balok, A. Mendoza-Reyes, D.M. Hallford

The Economics of Suckler Kids on Dairy Goat Farms
Author: L.J. Asheim, E.O. Eik

Central Test Performance of Rambouillet Rams as a Predictor for Growth and Wool Traits in Feedlot and Range Environments
Author: M.W. Salisbury, D.F. Waldron, G.R. Engdahl, C.J. Lupton, C.B. Scott, B.J. May

Supplemental Feeding Interval for Adult Ewes
Author: J.E. Huston, B.S. Engdahl, K.W. Bales

The Intake and Nutritional Status of Producing Ewes Grazing Dry-Land Lucerne Pasture
Author: T.S. Brand, F. Franck

Post-Weaning Growth and Carcass Traits of Hair and Wool X Hair Lambs in the US Virgin Islands
Author: R.W. Godfrey, J.R. Collins

News & Notes

Volume 15, No. 1 - 1999

Prediction of Cashmere Style Using Objective Fiber Measurements
Author: C.J. Lupton, F.A. Pfeiffer, A.R. Doolling

Effects of Cyclic Feeding on Performancem, Carcass Characteristics and Retail Value in Lambs
Author: D.W. Holcombe, C.L. Dils, R.F. Butler, T.P. Ringkob, C.J. Ackerman, M.B. Judkins

Effects of Immunoglobulin Treatment and Genetic Type on Survival and Preweaning Growth Performance of Lambs
Author: F.J. Schwulst, D.G. Ely, D.G. Morrical, D.K. Aaron

Effect of Extended Light on Growth and Reproductive Performance of Crossbred Ewe Lambs Exposed for Fall Lambing
Author: D.J. Hanson, A.L. Slyter

Comparisons of Wool and Skin Parameters Between Merino Crossbred and Rambouillet Yearling Ewes
Author: C.E. Aimone, R.H. Stobart, R.S. Townsend, H.A. Glimp, D. Holcombe, W.C. Russell

Early Summer vs. Late Summer Diets of Sheep Grazing in a Conifer Plantation
Author: Theogene Mbabaliye, James L. Kingery, Jeffrey C. Mosley

The Effects of Nutritional Management on Ewe and Lamb Bodyweight and Ewe Body Composition
Author: Petrick G. Hatfield, John Stellflug, John W. Walker, Rodney W. Kott

Research Briefs

News & Notes

Volume 14, No. 3 - 1998

Evaluation of the Sirolan-Laserscan for Measuring Wool Fiber Diameter and Standard Deviation
Author: R.H. Stobart, R.S. Townsend, W.C. Russell

Application of Embryo Transfer for the Improvement of Multiple Rearing Ability in Medium Wool Merino Ewes
Author: S.W.P. Cloete, F.E. van Niekerk, J.M. Rust

Influence of Cull Ewe Body Condition on Carcass Composition
Author: H.A. Glimp, T.P. Ringkob, L.B. Bruce, W.C. Lawler, R.F. Butler

Marketing Mutton as a Branded Product
Author: T.P. Ringkob, H.A. Glimp, L.B. Bruce, W.C. Lawler, R.F. Butler, E.F. Cox

The Proportion of Lambs Born at Night is Not Changed by Lighting
Author: R.A. Field, N.A. Taylor, M.L. Riley, W.C. Russell

Political Economy of United States Sheep Industry Political Action Committees
Author: Terry D. Van Doren, Thomas G. Field, Dana L. Hoag

Consumer Evaluation of Cuts from Normal and Callipyge Lambs
Author: S.W. Moore, R.A. Field, M.L. Riley, W.C. Russell

The Influence of Lamb Chronological Age, Slaughter Weight and Gender on Consumer Acceptance
Author: L.E. Jeremiah, A.K.W. Tong, L.L. Gibson

A Review of the Nutritional Efficiency of Fiber Production in Goats and Sheep and the Relationship of Fiber and Meat Production
Author: Maurice Shelton

Research Briefs

News and Notes

Volume 14, No. 2 - 1998

Genetic Parameter Estimates for Scrotal Circumference in Ram Lambs and Estimated Covariances with Ewe Body Weight, Fleece Traits and Reproductive Rate
Author: Peter J. Burfening, K.C. Davis

Seroprevalence of Ovine Progressive Pneumonia in Texas
Author: A. de la Concha-Bermejillo, J. Shelton, J.C. DeMartini, J. Glenn, S. Magnus-Corral

Increased Shear Values of Callipyge Loin Chops are Related to Cooking Effects
Author: Charles E. Carpenter, Noelle E. Cockett, Von T. Mendenhall, Dick Whittier

Growth and Body Composition of Two Crossbred Wether Types Fed Different Quality Grasses
Author: A.L. Goetsch, S.W. Coleman, W.A. Phillips

Comparison of Crossbred Boer x Spanish and Purebred Spanish Breed-types for Kid Growth and Litter Size Traits
Author: D. Lopez-Perez, S.D. Lukefahr, D.F. Waldron

Estrous Synchronization and Pregnancy Rate of Transvervically Inseminated Ewes During the Breeding Season
Author: M.Q. Husein, J.E. Romano, M.T. Bailey, M.M. Ababneh, B.G. Crabo, R.W. Godfrey, W.A. Head, J.E. Wheaton

EAZI-Breed CIDR G Devices versus Prostaglandin F for Synchronization of Estrus in Mature Range Ewes
Author: L.K. Hunnicutt, R.H. Stobart, W.C. Russell, R.S. Townsend, C.E. Aimone-Lupher

The Influence of Lamb Chronological Age, Slaughter Weight and Gender on Cooking Properties and Palatability
Author: L.E. Jeremiah, A.K.W. Tong, L.L. Gibson

Research Briefs

Volume 14, No. 1 - 1998

Preface and Overview

Lamb Market Structure
Author: Gary W. Williams, Ernest E. Davis

Slaughter Lamb Pricing Issues, Evidence and Future Needs
Author: Clement E. Ward

Production Responses to Economic and Other Signals
Author: Rodney Jones, Ted C. Schroeder

The Uniqueness of Lamb: Nutritioinal and Sensory Properties
Author: J.J. Jamora, K.S. Rhee

Methodology for Identification of Lamb Carcass Composition
Author: E.P. Berg, M.K. Neary, J.C. Forrest

Demand and Consumer Issues
Author: Wayne D. Purcell

United States Imports and Exports of Sheep and Lamb: Current Situation and Trends
Author: Steve Meyer, David P. Anderson

A Review of Direct and Niche Marketing of Lamb
Author: Tamra Kirkpatrick Pazmierczak

The Relation of Slaughter and Carcass Weights to Production and Processing Efficiency and Market Acceptability
Author: R.A. Field, G. Whipple

Problems, Needs, Opportunities and a Prescription for the Future
Author: Wayne D. Purcell

Volume 13, No. 3 - 1997

Comparison of U.S. Fine-Wool Breeds and Australian Merino F1 Crosses: I. Wool Characteristics and Body Weight
Author: G.D. Snowder, C.J. Lupton, J.M. Shelton, R.W. Kott, G.E. Bradford, M.R. Dally, A.D. Knight, H.A. Glimp, P.J. Burfening, P.V. Thompson

Comparison of U.S. Fine-Wool and Australian Merino F1 Crosses, II. Growth and Carcass Characteristics
Author: G.D. Snowder, J.M. Shelton, V.M. Thomas, R.W. Kott, M.R. Dally, G.E. Bradford, A.D. Knight, T.D. Willingham, H.A. Glimp, C.J. Lupton, H.Sakul

Comparison of U.S. Fine-Wool and Australian Merino F1 Crosses: III. Lamb Production
Author: G.D. Snowder, J.M. Shelton, V.M> Thomas, R.W. Kott, G.E. Bradford, C.J. Lupton, M.R. Dally, A.D. Knight, T.D. Willingham, H.A. Glimp, P.V. Thompson

Effects of Electrical Stimulation and Conditioning, Calcium Chloride Injection and Aging on the Acceptability of Callipyge and Normal Lamb
Author: Charles E. Carpenter, Morse B. Solomon, Gary D. Snowder, Noelle E. Cockett, Jan R. Busboom

Sheep Diets and Performance from Two Rotational Grazing Methods
Author: C.A. Taylor, Jr., C.L. Robinson-Hicks, M.M. Kothmannm J.E. Huston

Effect of Passive Immunization against Inhibin on Serum Antibody Titers, FSH and Reproductive Performance of Rambouillet Ewes
Author: T.D. Willingham, D.F. Waldron,m J.E. Wheaton

Influence of Energy or Protein Supplementation during Midpregnancy on Lamb Production of Ewes Grazing Winter Range
Author: Patrick G. Hatfield, Verl M. Thomas, Rodney W. Kott

The Influence of Lamb Chronological Age, Slaughter Weight and Gender on Carcass and Meat Quality
Author: L.E. Jeremiah, A.K.W.Tong, L.L. Gibson

New & Notes

Volume 13, No. 2 - 1997

Feed Intake and Digestion oby Different Breeds of Ewes in Early-to Mid-Gestation Consuming Different Hay Harvests of Two Tropical Grasses
Author: A.L. Goetsch, G.E. Aiken, M.A. Brown, Z.B. Johnson

Performance, Intake and Digestibility of Lambs Fed Alfalfa Hay and Various Levels of Barley
Author: R.P. Ruder, L.A. Burgwald-Balstad, D.W. Sanson, M.L. Riley, W.C. Russell

Feeding to Heavy Weights Reduces Shear Values of Lambs Expressing the Calipyge Gene
Author: R.A. Field, O. Kucuk, F.C. Hinds, M.L. Riley, W.C. Russell, G.D. Snowder

Lamb Performance on Seedling Alfalfa with Differing Alfalfa/Weed Biomass Availabilities in the Irrigated Sonoran Desert
Author: J.N. Guerrero, M.I. Lopez, C.E. Bell

Effects of Protein Source on Performance of Rambouillet Rams
Author: M.W. Salisbury, G.R. Engdahl, B.J. May, C.J. Lupton, C.B. Scott

Fiber Diameter Measurements of Fine-wool Rams on Performance Test
Author: C.J. Lupton, D.F. Waldron, F.A. Pfeiffer

The Influence of Lamb Chronological Age, Slaughter Weight and Gender on Carcass Measurements
Author: L.E. Jeremiah, S.D.M. Jones, A.K.W. Tong, W.M. Robertson, L.L. Gibson

The Influence of Lamb Chronological Age, Salughter Weight and Gender on Physiological Maturity Indicators
Author: L.E. Jeremiah, A.K.W. Tong, L.L. Gibson

Research Briefs

News and Notes

Volume 13, No. 1 - 1997

Fiber Diameter Measurements of Angora Goats on Performance Test
Author: C.J. Lupton, D.F. Waldron, F.A. Pfeiffer

A Comparison of Sheep-and Wildlife-Grazed Willow Communities in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Author: Charles E. Kay, John W. Walker

Effect of Zeranol Implantation and Yeast Supplementation on Performance and Carcass Traits of Finishing Wether Lambs
Author: B.A. Jones, M.K. Neary, D.L. Hancock, E.P. Berg, J. Huffman, J.R. Flanders

Evidence of Breed Susceptibility to Experimentally Produced Ovine Subclinical Mastitis
Author: Angeliki R. Burriel

The Impact of Foot Rot on Pre-weaned Lambs and Efficacy of a Fusobacterium Vaccine
Author: R.D. McCoy, D.E. Hansen, J.M. Thompson

The Influence of Lamb Chronological Age, Slaughter Weight, and Gender on Carcass Composition
Author: L.E. Jeremiah, S.D.M. Jones, A.K.W. Tong, W.M. Robertson, L.L. Gibson

The Influence of Lamb Chronological Age, Slaughter Weight and Gender on Yield and Cutability
Author: L.E. Jeremiah, S.D.M.Jones, A.K.W. Tong, W.M. Robertson, L.L. Gibson

Research Brief

News and Notes

Volume 12, No. 3 - 1996

The Relationships of Lambs' Growth Traits to the Production Test Performance of their Sires
Author: F.J. Schwulst, L.C. Martin, L.A. Arehart, C.W. Spaeth

Effect of Service Sire on Ewe Reproductive Rate and Estimated Breeding Values for Reproductive Rate in Rambouillet Sheep
Author: Peter J. Burfening, K.C. Davis

Performance and Carcass Components of Lambs in a Negative Energy Balance Fed Soybean Meal or Fish Meal
Author: C.E. Aimone, D.W. Sanson, M.L. Riley, D.C. Rule

A Review of Factors Leading to High Fleece Production in Angora Compared to Down-Producing Goats
Author: A.J. Litherland, T. Sahlu

Comparing Performance of Pen- and Range-Mated Ewe Lambs from Different Lines of Targhee Sheep
Author: Patrick G. Hatfield, John N. Stellflug

Scrapie: A Review
Author: L.A. Detwiler, A.L. Jenny, R. Rubenstein, N.E. Wineland

Research Briefs

News and Notes

Volume 12, No. 2 - 1996

Effect of Selection for Lifetime Production of Lamb Weaned per Ewe on Feedlot Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Internal Organ Weight of Targhee Lambs
Author: W.A. Head, Jr., P.G. Hatfield, J.A. Fitzgerald, M.K. Petersen, D.M. Hallford, J.N. Stellflug

Performance of Sheep Grazing California Annual Range
Author: R.E. Rosiere, D.T. Torell

Effect of Pelleted Corn Diets during Pre-and Post-Weaning on Serum Hormone and Metabolite Profiles, Wool Characteristics and Performance in Early-Weaned Lambs
Author: D.W. Holcombe, S.W. Beam, L.J. Krysl, M.B. Judkins

Performance of Nursing Lambs Receiving Vitamin E at Birth or from Dams that Received Vitamin E
Author: J.K. Williamson, M.L. Riley, A.N. Taylor, D.W. Sanson

Prescribed Sheep Grazing to Suppress Cheatgrass: A Review
Author: Jeffrey C. Mosley

Volume 12, No. 1 - 1996

Gelatinized Wheat Flour as an Energy and Protein Source in Milk Replacer Diets for Growing Lambs
Author: C. Johnston, M. Michonski

Composition of Milk Fat from Ewes Fed a Diet Supplemented with Calcium Salts of Palm Oil Fatty Acids
Author: L.A. Appeddu, D.G. Ely, D.K. Aaron, W.P. Deweese, E. Fink

The Effect of Britch Removal in Rambouillet Fleeces on Clip and Fleece Fiber Diameter and Its Variability
Author: R.W. Kott, V.M. Thomas, C.M. Schuldt

Dietary Chromium-Picolinate Does Not Influence Growth or Carcass Composition in Feedlot Lambs
Author: Q.R. Olsen, D.C. Rule, R.A.Field, G.D. Snowder, C.Y. Hu

Reproductive Performance and Wool Production of First Cross versus Selected Inter se Mated Finncross Ewes
Author: G.D. Snowder, A.D. Knight, S.K. Ercanbrack

Use of Rapid Progesterone Radioimmunoassay to Predict Pregnancy and Fetal Numbers in Ewes
Author: F.A. Schneider, D.M. Hallford

Out-of-Season Breeding of Ewes Using Transcervical Artificial Insemination
Author: M.Q. Husein, M.M. Ababneh, B.G. Crabo, J.E. Wheaton

Research Briefs

News and Notes

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Volume 11, No. 3 - 1995

Economic Issues and Potentials in Lamb Marketing: Keys to the Future of the Sheep Industry
Author: Wayne D. Purcell

Effect of Fishmeal on Growth and Carcass Traits of Finishing Lambs
Author: M.K. Neary, J.J. Cecava, E.P. Berg

Standard Deviation of Fiber Diameter and Other Characteristics of United States Wool
Author: C.J. Lupton

Sheep Production Response to Continuous and Rotational Stocking on Dryland Alfalfa/Grass Pasture
Author: V.M. Thomas, R.W. Kott, R.W. Ditterline

Immune Response and Performance of Sheep Fed Supplemental Zinc as Zinc Oxide or Zinc Methionine
Author: E.B. Kegley, J.W. Spears

Supplementing Ewe Diets with the Calcium Salts of Palm Oil Fatty Acids during Lacation
Author: L.A. Appeddu, D.G. Ely, D.K. Aaron, W.P. Deweese, E. Fink

Genetic Alternatives Addressing the Economic Impact of Changes in Public Lands Grazing Policy and Loss of the Wool Incentive Program on Intermountain Range Sheep Production Systems
Author: A.D. Knight, G.D. Snowder

Dry Matter Intake of Freshly Harvested Wheat Forage and Supplemental Dry Matter
Author: W.A. Phillips, D.L. VonTungeln

Research Briefs

News and Notes

Volume 11, No. 2 - 1995

Seasonality in Budgeted Lamb Feeding Returns
Author: Clement E. Ward

Efficacy of a Vaccine against Fusobacterium necrophorum for Control of Foot Rot in Sheep
Author: J.M. Thompson, D.E. Hansen, R.D. McCoy

Effects of Style and Character of U.S. Mohair on Top Properties
Author: D.L. Minikhiem, C.J. Lupton, F.A. Pfeiffer, K. Qi, J.R. Marschall

Impact of the Elimination of Incentive Payments and Increases in Grazing Costs on Colorado Sheep Ranches
Author: V.G. Carande, P.H. Gutierrez, S.B. LeValley, R.L. Sharp

Consumer Perceptions of Lamb Compared with Other Meats
Author: Clement E. Ward, Arnella Trent, Jacky L. Hildebrand

Automatic Image Analysis System for Objective Measurement of Animal Fibers
Author: K. Qi, C.J. Lupton, F.A. Pfeiffer, D.L. Minikhiem, N.S. Kumar, A.D. Whittaker

Effects of Lifetime Selection for Kilograms of Lamb Weaned per Ewe on Ewe Milk Production, Ewe and Lamb Feed Intake and Body Weight Change
Author: W.A. Head, Jr., P.G. Hatfield, J.A. Fitzgerald, D.M. Hallford, M.K. Petersen, J.N. Stellflug

Comparison of Efficacy of Two Commercially Available Ovine Chlamydia psittaci Abortion Vaccines
Author: Marie S. Bulgin, Gary Snowder, Alton C.S. Ward, Kim Hemenway, Mary Tinant, Hudson Glimp

Research Briefs

News and Notes

Volume 11, No. 1 - 1995

Limit-Grazing of Cool-Season Pastures for Wintering Angora Does
Author: Steve Hart, Tilahun Sahlu

Implications of U.S.-Mexico Tariff Reductions under NAFTA for the U.S. Sheep Industry
Author: Everett B. Peterson, Rodney Jones

Effects of Breed and Previous Grazing Location on Performance of Feedlot Wethers
Author: P.G. Hatfield

A Review of Montana Winter Ranage Ewe Nutrition Research
Author: V.M. Thomas, R.W. Kott

A Review of Thiamin Requirement and Deficiency of Sheep and Goats
Author: K. Qi, J.E. Huston

Effects of Immunocastration on Growth, Carcass Characteristics and Reproductive Development in Ram Lambs
Author: D.A. Daley, T.E. Adams, C.A. Daley, W.R. Patton, J.L. Evans

Effects of Prepartum Doe Dietary Protein and Energy Intake on Performance and Blood Characteristics of Precolostral Alpine Kids
Author: M. Smuts, T. Sahlu

Research Briefs

News and Notes

Volume 10, No. 1, 1994 -- Special Issue: The Role of Sheep Grazing in Natural Resource Management

The Role of Grazing Sheep in Sustainable Agriculture

Multispecies Grazing: The Ecological Advantage

Sheep Grazing and Riparian and Watershed Management

Sheep Grazing as a Range Improvement Tool

Prescribed Sheep Grazing to Enhance Wildlife Habitat on North American Rangelands

Sheep Grazing as a Brush and Fine Fire Fuel Management Tool

Sheep as a Silvicultural Management Tool in Temperate Conifer Forest

Sheep: A Method For Controlling Rangeland Weeds

The Role of Sheep and Sheep Products in Waste Management

Volume 10, No. 3 - 1994

Managemeent and Marketing Practices Altered through a Value-Based Marketing Program for Slaughter Lambs
Author: S.H. Umberger

Efficacy of Bodywall Thickness and Backfat Depth for Estimating Percentage Yield of Retail Cuts of Lamb
Author: G.D.Snowder, R.A.Field, J.R. Busboom

A Review of Amino Acid Requirements for Fiber Growth of Sheep and Angora Goats
Author: K. Qi, C.J. Lupton, F.N. Owens

Influence of Leafy Spurge on Ruminal Digestion and Metabolism and Blood Metabolite Profiles in Sheep
Author: V.M. Thomas, C.K. Clark, R.W. Kott, B. Olson

A Comparison of the Certified Lamb and Certified Angus Beef Programs
Author: Clement E. Ward, Jacky L. Hildebrand

The Genetics of Parasite Resistance
Author: Francis Ruvuna, Jeremy F. Taylor

Effects of Ruminal Degradable Methionine Supplementation on Wool Growth, Digesta Kinetics and Ruminal Fermentation
Author: M.B. Judkins, B.A. McCracken, D.W. Holcombe, K.K. Park

Reproductive and Endocrine Characteristics of Ewe Lambs after Short-or Long-Term Administration of Melatonin
Author: E. Perez-Eguia, D.M. Hallford

Growth and Carcass Characteristics of Newly Received Feeder Lambs Treated with Probiotics and Vitamin E
Author: K.S. Birch, J.D. Thomas, T.T. Ross

Research Briefs

Volume 10, No. 2 - 1994

Fat Content of Rib Racks from Ram Lambs Castrated at Different Ages and From Ewe Lambs
Author: R.A. Field, G.D. Snowder, H.A. Glimp, M.L. Riley, W.C. Russell

Wool Characteristics of Romanov x Targhee Crossbred Ewes in Comparison to Finn x Targhee Crossbred Ewes
Author: Y.M. Berger, C.J. Lupton

An Update on the Problem of Cache Valley Virus in Sheep
Author: Maurice Shelton, Andres de la Concha Bermejillo, Tim Willingham, Richard Mock

Characteristics of Private Rangeland Sheep Leases in Wyoming
Author: Larry W. VanTassell, Paul Burgener

A Review of the Effects of Sulfur Nutrition on Wool Production and Quality
Author: K. Qi, C.J. Lupton

Effects of Feeding Cull Onions and Carrots on Growth Rate, Carcass Traits and Meat Palatability Attributes in Lambs
Author: T.J. Corah, J.E. Cannon, S.B. LeValley, J.B. Morgan, Tom McBride, M. Eisenach, J.D. Tatum, G.C. Smith

Research Briefs

Volume 10, No. 1 - 1994

Comparison of Short-Scrotum and Wether Lambs for Growth and Carcass Characteristics
Author: S.B. LeValley, M.S. DeWalt, C.P. Huffhines, J.D. Tatum, G.C. Smith

Utilization of Progesterone Treatment for Summer and Spring Breeding
Author: J.E. Wheaton, H.F. Windels

Costs and Benefits of Skirting and Classing Montana Wools
Author: R.W. Kott, C.M. Schuldt, V.M. Thomas

Influence of Short-Term Fasting on Blastocyst Morphology and Survival in Ewes
Author: W.F. Pope, H. Cardenas, K.E. McClure

The Breeding Capacity of Ram Lambs Compared to Yearling Rams in a Synchronized Breeding Program
Author: H.H. Dismore, P.E. Lewis

Effect of Age at Weaning on Intake, Serum Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1, Thyroxin, Triiodothyronine and Metabolite Profiles and Growth Performance in Young Lambs
Author: D.W. Holcombe, D.R. Hanks, L.J. Krysl, M.B. Judkins, G.M. Niksic, D.M. Hallford

Research Notes: Evaluation of Exogenous Fructose in the Newborn Lamb
Author: T.S. Edrington, J.L. Perkins, T.T. Ross

Volume 9, No. 3 - 1993

Intermuscular Fat Variability in the Large End of Ribs from Four Whitefaced Breeds of Lamb
Author: R.A. Field, G.D. Snowder, M.L. Riley, H.A. Glimp

Effect of Sire Breed and Post-Weaning Nutrition on Growth, Feed Efficiency and Carcass Compositional Traits of Heavyweight Lambs
Author: H.H. Meyer, J.R. Busboom, J.M. Burke, L.A. Mitchell, W.D. Warnock, R.R. Mills, W.F. Hendrix

The PRED-X Ear-Tag: Not a Deterrent to Predation on Lambs by Coyotes
Author: P.G. Hatfield, J.W. Walker

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis: An Inherited Form of Blindness in Sheep
Author: M. Shelton, T. Willingham, C. Menzies, R. Storts, P.R. Woods

Acute Nutritional Stress During Early Pregnancy in Ewes: Effect on Lambs at Birth and Weaning
Author: L.K. Hunnicutt, R.H. Stobart, D.W. Sanson, M.L. Riley, W.R. Taliaferro, G.E. Moss

Influence of Estrus Induction with Artificial Insemination or Natural Mating on Reproductive Performance of Fall-Born Ewe Lambs During an Out-of-Season Breeding
Author: J.N. Stellflug, F. Rodriguez, J.A. Fitzgerald

The Effects of Small Doses of Progesterone on Blastocyst Morphology in Sheep
Author: M.B. Sviatko, H. Cardenas, K.E. McClure, W.F. Pope

The Relationship among Weaning Body Weight, Wool Follicle Density and Secondary-to-Primary Follicle Ratio and Yearling Wool Measurements of Targhee Sheep
Author: V.M. Thomas, C.M. Schuldt, R.E. Kott, B.J. Schloesser

Volume 9, No. 2 - 1993

Weekly Price Dynamics in the U.S. Lamb Marketing System
Author: Rodney Jones, Wayne D. Purcell

An Analysis of Price Differences for Slaughter Lambs
Author: C.E. Ward, J.L. Hildebrand

Sexual Behavior of Rams: Biological Perspective to Flock Management
Author: J.A. Fitzgerald, A. Perkins

Development of a Method for Prolonging Estrus in Ewes
Author: Gregory S. Lewis, Karen A. Goebel

Lamb and Wool Production of Targhee and Prolific Breed Crossbred Ewes
Author: Sagari Ramdas, Martin Dally, Eric Bradford, Hakan Sakul

Feedlot Performance of Feeder Lambs Fed Diets Containing Different Proportions of Wheat, Corn and Sorghum
Author: W.A. Phillips

Effects of Dietary Copper and Molybdenum Supplementation on Meat Characteristics of Texel and Finnsheep Rams
Author: T.L. Wheeler, M. Koohmaraie, E.T. Littledike

Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics for Small, Medium and Large Framed Wethers Backgrounded on Wheat Pasture
Author: M.E. Nichols, H.G. Dolezal, G.Q. Fitch, W.A. Phillips

Comparison of Range versus Shed Lambing in the Northern Great Plains
Author: P.J. Burfening, J.L. Van Horn

Volume 9, No. 1 - 1993

Removal of Kidney and Pelvic Fat from Lamb Carcasses at Slaughter and its Effect on Dressing Percentage and Wholesale Cut Yields
Author: B.R. Gilmore, J.D. Tatum, C.P. Huffhines, S.B. LeValley, F.E. Walker, J.B. Morgan, G.C. Smith

Field Studies to Document Efficacy of Visual Assignments of Lamb Carcasses to Appropriate USDA Yield Grades
Author: K.L. Heaton, J.B. Morgan, J.D. Tatum, J.W. Wise, R.P. Garrett, H.G. Dolezal, H.D. Loveday, G.C. Smith

Low-fat Cured Products from Lamb and Mutton Legs and Shoulders
Author: L.W. Hand, K.A. Dunlavy, J.W. Lamkey, G.Q. Fitch

Lambing Performance of Ewes Treated with Melatonin or Artificial Photoperiod
Author: A.L. Slyter, Kelly Weiskircher

Supplemental Feeding of Range Ewes during the Perinatal Period and Lamb Mortality and Growth Rate
Author: Peter J. Burfening, Rodney W. Kott

Serum Constituent and Metabolic Hormone Profiles from Birth through the Feedlot Period in Debouillet Lambs
Author: J.W. Campbell, D.M. Hallford, H.S. Yim, C.E. Heird, E. Perez-Eguia

Economic Impact of Pre-sale Fiber Measurements on Prices Paid for Wool
Author: C.J. Lupton, F.A. Pfeiffer, N.E. Blakeman

Volume 8, No. 3 - 1992

Characteristics of Fat from Heavy Lambs Fed a 90% Corn Diet or Alfalfa Pellets
Author: R.A. Field, D.C. Rule, M.L. Riley

Effects of Implanting Ram and Wether Lambs with Zeranol on Pelt Characteristics and Removal
Author: R.A. Nold, J.A. Unruh, C.W. Spaeth, M.C. Hunt

Influence of Daily Versus Alternate-day Supplementation on the Production of Gestating Ewes Grazing Winter Range
Author: V.M. Thomas, C.M. Hoaglund, R.W. Kott

Post-exposure Performance of Lambs Exposed to Whole Barley Early in Life
Author: P.G. Hatfield, L. Ortega-Reyes, F.D. Provenza, J.W. Walker, H.A. Glimp

Effects of Supplemental d- α - Tocopherol on Preweaning Lamb Performance, Serum and Colostrum Tocopherol Levels and Immunoglobulin G Titers
Author: P.C. Gentry, T.T. Ross, B.C. Oetting, K.D. Birch

Short-term Effects of Dietary Calcium Concentration on Lactation in Ewes of Rambouillet x Finn x Dorset Ancestry
Author: S. Muhammad Shabbir, Jennifer H. Dumas, Dan L. Brown

Influence of Milk- and Grain-based Creep Feed Formulations on Feed Intake and Weight Gain of Sucking Lambs to be Weaned at 28 Days of Age
Author: Charles Johnston

Effects of Age and Flock Size on Flocking Behavior in Rambouillet and Rambouillet x Polypay Female Sheep
Author: C.V. Hulet, D.M. Anderson, W.L. Shupe, L.W. Murray

Ovine Progressive Pneumonia: Advances and Prospects for Control
Author: S.J. Brodie, G.D. Snowder, J.C. DeMartini

In Situ Ruminal Volume and Ruminal Milk Volume of Lambs Fed Liquid Milk Replacer from 2 to 22 Weeks of Age
Author: Charles Johnston, Mary L. Schultz

Volume 8, No. 2 - 1992

Effect of Removal of Kidney and Pelvic Fat from Lamb Carcasses at Slaughter
Author: R.W. Theis, J.W. Savell

Comparison of Methods for Evaluating External Fat Thickness and Body Wall Thickness in Lamb Carcasses
Author: M.S. DeWalt, J.D. Tatum, H.C. Abraham, H.G. Dolezal, R.P. Garrett, R.A. Field, S.B. LeValley, G.C. Smith, J.W. Wise

Relationships between External Fat Measurements and Visible Seam Fat Differences in Lamb Carcasses
Author: M.S. DeWalt, J.D. Tatum, G.C. Smith, S.B. LeValley, J.B. Morgan

Comparison of Two Supplementation Methods for Maintaining Adequate Selenium Status in Lactating Ewes
Author: D.G. Ely, V.L. Owens, D.K. Aaron, W.P. Deweese

Puberal Performance of Targhee Ewe Lambs Selected for Weaning Weight or Litter Size
Author: Ma Li, Hakan Sakul, Martin Dally, Eric Bradford

Melengestrol Acetate (MGA) for Estrous Synchronization and Induction of Estrus in Spring-Breeding Ewes
Author: S.H. Umberger, G.S. Lewis

Use of On-Farm Tests to Evaluate Progesterone in Sheep Blood
Author: Gregory S. Lewis, Janelle N. Young

Influence of Ram Epididymitis caused by Brucella ovis on Conception Rate and Lambing Percentage in Range Ewes
Author: R.H. Stobart, K.J. Nix, C.V. Kimberling, M.L. Riley

Field versus Pen Bonding Lambs to Cattle
Author: C.V. Hulet, D.M. Anderson, W.L.Shupe, L.W. Murray

A Survey of Iowa Sheep Flocks for Seroprevalence of Brucella ovis
Author: C.R. Youngs, P.K. Weber

Volume 8, No. 1 - 1992

The Effects of Chelated Zinc Methionine on Feedlot Lamb Performance, Cost of Gain, and Carcass Characteristics
Author: P.G. Hatfield, G.D. Snowder, H.A. Glimp

Influence of Ruminally Undegraded Protein and Non-Structural Carbohydrate on Nutritional Status of Pregnant Ewes
Author: R.F. Padula, V.M. Thomas, R.W. Kott, M.K. Petersen

Diet Selection of Cattle and Bonded Small Ruminants Grazing Arid Rangeland
Author: C.V. Hulet, D.M. Anderson, V.B. Nakamatsu, L.W. Murray, R.D. Pieper

The Influence of Selection and Body Weight on Multiple Birth in Sheep
Author: William C. Russell, C. LeRoy Johnson, M.P. Botkin

Dynamics and Significance of Ovine Subclinical Intramammary Infections and Their Effects on Lamb Performance
Author: G. Ahmad, L.L. Timms, D.G. Morrical, P.O. Brackelsberg

Ovine Subclinical Mastitis: Efficacy of Dry Treatment as a Therapeutic and Prophylactic Measure
Author: G. Ahmad, L.L. Timms, D.G. Morrical, P.O. Brackelsberg

Volume 7, No. 3 - Fall 1991

The Effect of Management Strategies Upon Annual Productivity of Ewes
Author: T.G. Jenkins, J.J. Ford

Effect of Photoperiod or Melatonin on Reproductive Performance of Ewes During June - August in South Dakota
Author: Tony Wolf, A.L. Slyter

Reproductive Season of Mature and 18 Month-Old Range Ewes
Author: K.C.Shain, M.L. Riley, E.A. VanKirk, G.E. Moss

Serum Growth Hormone and Insulin Profiles and Growth and Carcass Traits in Debouillet Lambs Treated With Ovine Growth Hormone During the Preweaning Period
Author: H.S. Yim, D.M. Hallford, C.E. Heird

Influence of a Pelt Puller on Microbiological Quality of Lamb
Author: R.A. Field, N. Kalchayanand, M. Rozbeh, M.K. Anderson

Carcass Evaluation of Western Colorado Range Lambs
Author: S.B. LeValley, M.S. DeWalt, J.D. Tatum

Volume 7, No. 2 - Spring 1991

The Effect of Supplemental Methionine on Wool Growth
Author: M.L. Riley, F.C. Hinds, R.H. Stobart, W.C. Russel, T.M. Khan

Strength and Resistance to Compression of U.S. Wools
Author: N.E. Blakeman, C.J. Lupton, F.A. Pfeiffer

Feedlot Performance and Prolactin Response of Lambs to Supplemental Lighting and Implantation with Zeranol
Author: F.J. Schwulst, J.E. Minton

Influence of Lasalocid Supplementation on Growth, Pubertal Development and Wool Characteristics in Ewe Lambs
Author: P.B. Kloppenburg, T.T. Ross, P.C. Gentry, B.C. Oetting

Effects of Supplementation on Diets Selected by Grazing Ewes
Author: Patrick G. Hatfield, Gary B. Donart, Tim T. Ross, Michael L. Gaylean

The Effect of Production Trait Selection Over 10 Years on the Seroprevalence of Ovine Progressive Pneumonia Virus in a Closed Flock
Author: G.D. Snowder, N.L. Gates, H.A. Glimp, D.P. Knowles

Use of Electronic Audio Teleconferencing for Sheep Management Education Programs - The Wisconsin ETN System
Author: Sherwood F. Lane

Volume 7, No. 1 - Winter 1991

Measuring Economic Efficiency in Sheep Production
Author: Paul H. Gutierrez, Norman L. Dalsted, Rodney L. Sharp

Ram Sexual Performance: A Relationship with Dam Productivity
Author: James A. Fitzgerald, Anne Perkins

The Efficacy of Fecundin in Improving Reproduction in Rambouillet Ewes
Author: T.D. Willingham, M. Shelton, P. Thompson

Evaluation of Enzyme - Linked Immunosorbent Assay Antibody Response in Rams Following Brucella ovis Vaccination
Author: J.S. Glenn, M.R. Dally, D.E. Behymer, M.N. Oliver

Relative Importance of Traits for Efficiency of Market Lamb and Wool Production in North America
Author: C.T. Wang, G.E. Dickerson

Influlence of Alernate Day Feeding of Alfalfa Hay to Ewes During Mid-Gestation on Feed Intake and Ewe and Lamb Productivity
Author: R.W. Kott, V.M. Thomas, C.M. Hoagland, B. Hould, R.F. Padula

Efficacy of Lasalocid in Feeder Lambs for Increased Weight Gains and Feed Efficiency
Author: Frank J. Schwulst, Danny D. Simms, R.K. Ridley

Comparison of Lactating Ewe Diets Supplemented with Soybean Meal or Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles
Author: D.G. Ely, K.K. Ragland, K.N. McCann, D.K. Aaron, W.P. Deweese

Effects of Level and Daily Alternation of Dietary Ruminal Escape Protein Level on Finishing Lamb Performance, Carcass Characteristics, Digestion and Blood Constituents
Author: W. Sun, A.L. Goetsch, D.L. Galloway, Sr., L.A. Forster, Jr., D.M. Hallford, Z.B. Johnson

Volume 6, No. 3 - Fall 1990

Prediction of Variation of Fiber Diameter in Wool Fleeces
Author: N.Y. Iman, R.H. Stobart, C.L. Johnson, W.C. Russell, C.J. Lupton, M. Shelton

Supplementation Effects on Sheep Diet and Weight on Semi-Desert Range
Author: S.K. Hamadeh, C.V. Hulet, R.R. Rouda, J.L. Holechek

Evaluation of Rape and Turnip Forage for Weaned Lambs
Author: V.M. Thomas, R.W. Kott, D. Baldridge

The Effect of Additional Dietary Zinc on Feeder Lamb Performance
Author: W.A. Phillips

Analysis of Milk Production and Composition in Ewes Seropositive and Seronegative for Ovine Progressive Pneumonia Virus
Author: G.D. Snowder, H.A. Glimp, N.L. Gates, J.R. Gorham

Eradication of Brucella ovis from Range Flocks Using ELISA Blood Test
Author: C.V. Bagley, M.C. Healy, D.V. Sisson

Evaluation of Toxicity of Lasalocid in Sheep
Author: W.J. Foreyt

Effect of Lasalocid on Performance, Serum Chemistry and Hormone Profiles of Feedlot Lambs
Author: M.M.Shetaewi, T.T. Ross

Volume 6, No. 2 - Spring 1990

A Comparison of a Whole Grain Diet With Pelleted High Energy Diets Containing Alfalfa Meal or Peanut Hulls for Finishing Lambs
Author: S.H. Umberger, W.H. McClure, K.E. Webb, Jr., D.R. Notter

Growth and Carcass Characteristics and Serum Growth Hormone, Insulin and Prolactin in Lambs Supplemented with AmaFerm
Author: M.A. Herring and D.M. Hallford

Comparison of Scrotal Circumference, Sperm Output and Libido of Booroola Merino, Polypay, Rambouillet and Columbia Rams in a Controlled Photoperiod
Author: J.A. Fitzgerald, J.N. Stellflug

Seasonal Reproduction in Rams: Seasonal Changes in Endocrine Function of Mature F 2 Finnish Landrace X Dorset Rams Selected for Extreme or Slight Seasonal Changes in Scrotal Circumference
Author: K.A. Ringwall, R.P. Wettemann, J.V. Whiteman, P.E. Juniewicz

Use of Albendazole for Parasite Control in Sheep
Author: N.L. Gates, W.J. Foreyt

Colored Fiber Contamination of Wyoming Wools
Author: Robert Stobart, LeRoy Johnson, Bruce Cameron, Hans Nel

Utilization of Mutton for Sausage Production
Author: J.M. Bond, E.T. Holm, M.J. Marchello, W.D. Slanger

Volume 6, No. 1 - Winter 1990

Seasonal Reproduction in Rams: May-June Reproductive Performance of Mature F 2 Finnish Landrace x Dorset Rams Selected for Extreme or Slight Seasonal Changes in Scrotal Circumference
Author: K.A. Ringwall, R.P. Wettemann, J.V. Whiteman

Intrauterine Insemination of Merino Ewes with Frozen Semen from Australian Merino Rams
Author: K.P. Nephew, J.C. Clay, S.L.Thayer, S.R. Baertsche, C.F. Parker, W.F. Pope

Management Systems for Raising Twin Lambs
Author: K.K. Ragland, D.G. Ely, D.K. Aaron, J.D. Kemp, W.P. Deweese

Effect of Supplementation Level on Growth, Feeding Period, and Carcass Composition of Lambs Grazing Spring Wheat
Author: Steven P. Hart, Hudson Glimp, David Von Tungeln

Whole Blood Selenium Response Following Administration of Selenium Rumen Pellets to Sheep
Author: William van Riet, John S. Glenn, John R. Dunbar, Michael N. Oliver

Concentration in the Lamb Slaughtering Industry: Impact on Lamb Prices
Author: Dale J. Menkhaus, Glen D. Whipple, Clement E. Ward

Energy Utilization by Lactating Ewes and Suckling Lambs: A Review
Author: H.S. Hussein, R.M. Jordan

Volume 5, Special Issue - 1989

Optimizing the Value of Grease Wool Through Preparation and Marketing

Volume 5, No. 3 - Fall 1989

Effects of Breed of Ewe and Management System on the Lifetime Production of Lamb and Wool
Author: W.J. Busch, A.L. Slyter

Influence of Protein and Energy Intake During Lactation on Performance of Primiparous Ewes and Their Creep-fed Lambs
Author: M.H. Wallace, W.G. Pond

Seasonal Reproduction in Rams: Influence of Natural Photoperiod on Scrotal Circumference, Sexual Flush, Body Weight and Body Condition Score in Mature F 2 Finnish Landrace X Dorset Rams
Author: K.A. Ringwall, R.P. Wettemann, J.V. Whiteman

Production Methods to Increase Lean and Reduce Fat in Lamb: A Review
Author: Hudson A. Glimp, Gary D. Snowder

Volume 5, No. 2 - Spring 1989

Influence of Creep Feeding on Lamb Performance During a Drought
Author: V.M. Thomas, R.E. Kott

Effects of Zeranol on Growth of Suckling Lambs on High Mountain Meadows
Author: Gary D. Snowder, Nyle J. Mathews, Darrell H. Mathews

Comparison of 14-C Decoquinate Metabolism Between Beef Heifers and Ewe Lambs
Author: D.H. Seman, D.R. Catherman, M.G. Hayek, D.G. Ely, M.L. Westendorf, D.B. Batson, R.E. Tucker, G.E. Mitchell, Jr.

Effects of Level and Daily Alternation of Dietary True Protein Level on Finishing Lamb Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Blood Constituents
Author: K.L. Hall, A.L.Goetsch, L.A. Forster, Jr., A.C. Brake, K.C. Powell, M.A. Coan

The Demand for U.S. Apparel Wool 1936-1985
Author: John P. Hewlett, Glen D. Whipple, Dale J. Menkhaus

A Review: Understanding Sheep Behavior, A Key to More Efficient and Profitable Lamb and Wool Production
Author: C.V. Hulet

A Review: Current Grades, Qualities and Uses of Wool in the United States
Author: C.J. Lupton

Laboratory and Cytogenetic Studies of the Spider-Leg Defect in Suffolk Lambs
Author: H.A. Swartz, D.E. Bean-Knudsen, D.W. Vogt, J.C. Lattimer, M.B. Heidari, M.F. Raisbeck, D.A. Schmidt

Volume 5, No. 1 - Winter 1988

Effect of Iron Supplementation on Artificially-Reared Lambs Weaned at 14 Days of Age
Author: S.F. Lane, D.E. Hogue

An Econometric Investigation of the Demand for Lamb
Author: Glen D. Whipple, Dale J. Menkhaus

Identification of Optimal Slaughter Weights for Small, Medium and Large Framed Wethers
Author: R.L. Baird, J.D. Tatum, J.G. Butler, G.Q. Fitch, B. Gilmore

Growth and Carcass Characteristics of Young Ram Lambs Fed to Attain Market Weight in 120 Days from Birth - A Review
Author: G.P. Lynch, M.B. Solomon

A National Survey of Lamb Carcass Cutability Traits
Author: J.D. Tatum, J.W. Savell, H.R. Cross, J.G. Butler

Volume 4, No. 3 - Fall 1988

The Relationship of Lamb and Wool Production in Range Rambouillet Ewes
Author: Gary D. Snowder, Maurice Shelton

Dietary Overlap of Cattle and Sheep on Rotationally Grazed Rangeland
Author: D. Kirby, M. Parman, M. Pessin, M. Humann

Effect of Feeding Bovine Colostrum vs. Enriched Whey Protein on Orphan Lamb Survival
Author: E. Duren, G.H. Stott, J.A. Fitzgerald, R. Settledge, M.Q. Jacobsen

Source and Level of Potassium in High Concentrate Lamb Diets
Author: M.C. Calhoun, J.M. Shelton

The Effect of Level and Source of Energy Fed Gestating - Lactating Ewes
Author: R.M. Jordan, H.E. Hanke

Wet Brewers Grains as a Nutrient Source for Finishing Lambs
Author: F.D. McCarthy, S.A. Norton

Soybeans as a Protein Source in the Diets of Sheep
Author: Frank J. Schwulst

Productivity of Early-Weaned Lambs fed a Commercial or an Extruded or Pelleted High-Barley Diet
Author: Verl M. Thomas, M.K. Peterson, C.W. Newman, D. Byerley, R. Kott, D. Gary

Increasing Ewe Reproductive Rate Through Steroid Immunization with Fecundin - A Review
Author: H.H. Meyer

Volume 4, No. 2 - Spring 1988

The Influence of Introducing the Booroola Merino Genotype to Rambouillet Flocks on Reproduction and Fleece Traits in Comparison with Other Selected Breed Crosses
Author: Tim Willingham, Maurice Shelton, Chris Lupton

Selection of Ram Lambs Versus Yearling Rams in Targhee Sheep
Author: Peter J. Burfening, R.W. Kott, K.L. Colman

Variation in Wool Fiber Diameter in Yearling Targhee Rams
Author: R.W. Kott, M.J. McInerney, K.L. Colman, V.M. Thomas

Effects of the Wool Act on the U.S. Sheep Industry
Author: Glen D. Whipple, Dale J. Menkhaus

Wool Quality and Yield in Fine-Wool Ewe Lambs after Short-Term Administration of Ovine Growth Hormone
Author: D.W. Holcombe, D.M. Hallford, W.C. Hoefler, T.T. Ross, C.J. Lupton

Weaning Lambs to Dry Feed at Two Weeks of Age
Author: B.H. Magee, S.F. Lane, D. Gillet

The Effect of Dietary Potassium Levels on Lamb Growth
Author: C.B. Panting, F.C. Hinds

Evaluation of Winter Wheat as Spring Pasture for Ewes
Author: R. Rand, M. Collins, T. Cadwallader, M. Casler, A. Pope, R. Vatthauer

Effect of Dietary History and Zeranol on Feedlot Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Chemical Body Composition of Growing Lambs
Author: R.E. Rompala, T.A. Hoagland, L.A. Malkus

Volume 4, No. 1 - Fall 1987

The Mode of Inheritance of the "Spider" Lamb Syndrome in Suffolk Sheep
Author: P.T. Berg, A.D. Alstad, B.L. Moore, J.A. Vanek, I.E. Berg, A.C. Misek

Production and Lamb Growth Response to Sulfur Fertilization and Selenium Treatment on California Annual Type Pastures
Author: M.B. Jones, M.R. Dally, D.M. Center, V.V. Rendig, B.B. Norman

A Profile of the Virginia Sheep Industry
Author: S.H. Umberger, D.R. Notter

The Relative Efficacy of Commercial and Home-Mixed Lamb Creep Feeds
Author: R.M. Jordan, H.E. Hanke

Feedlot Performance and Prolactin Response of Lambs to Supplemental Lighting
Author: F.J. Schwulst, J.E. Minton, D.D. Simms

Performance of Growing Lambs Fed Endophyte-Infected or Noninfected Fescue Hay and Subsequent Performance During Finishing with Different Dietary Levels of Crude Protein and Micronutrients
Author: A.L. Goetsch, A.L. Jones, S.R. Stokes, K.W. Beers, E.L. Piper

The Effect of Management and Diets on the Performance of Feeder Lambs
Author: R.M. Jordan, H.E. Hanke

Body Composition and Maintenance Feed Requirements in Seven Breeds of Ewes
Author: John C. Olthoff, Gordon E. Dickerson

Volume 3, No. 3 - Summer 1987

Effect of Ionophores on Copper Accumulation in Sheep
Author: M.C. Calhoun, S.R. Sappington, G.R. Engdahl

Influence of Time and Sequence of Concentrate and Roughage Feeding on Performance and Digestion in Lambs
Author: M.A. Funk, A.L. Goetsch, F.N. Owens

Chemical Castration Trial in Lambs
Author: Allan R. Corey

Reproductive Performance of Fall and Winter Lambing Ewes and Growth of Their Offspring
Author: R.E. Hudgens, T. Leakakos, S.L. Waller, G.R. Kelly, G.E. Moss

Whole Soybeans for Lambs on Pasture in the Northeast
Author: Peter S. Erickson, Barbara A. Barton

Influence of Supplemental Feeding on Voluntary Forage Intake and on Reproductive Efficiency in Angora Does
Author: L.J. Hunt, N.E. Garza, Jr., C.A. Taylor, Jr., T.D. Brooks, J.E. Huston

The Role of Objective Measurements in Wool Research and Marketing
Author: C.J. Lupton

Effect of Slaughter Weight and Breed Cross on Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Economic Returns of Market Lambs
Author: J.J. Dahmen, R.V. Withers, V.M. Thomas

Volume 3, No. 2 - Winter 1987

A Comparison of Zinc Sulfate and Footrite as a Control For Footrot Under Wet Humid Conditions
Author: D.C. Drueckhammer, H.A. DeRamus, R.J. Noel

Predation Reduction Techniques of Western Oregon Sheepmen Not Using Organized Control Programs
Author: Roger D. Nass, John Theade

Growth and Feed Efficiency of Feedlot Lambs Fed Lasalocid or Monensin
Author: Robert H. Stobart, R.C. Bergstrom, J. Romsa

Influence of Early Weaning of Range Lambs During a Drought on Ewe Weight Change and Lamb Performance
Author: V.M. Thomas, E. Ayers, R.W. Kott

An Evaluation of the Factors Affecting Sale Price in Performance Tested Rams
Author: K.F. Fowler, S.R. Baertsche, M.E. Davis

Evaluating Sheep Production Enterprises Using the Texas A & M Sheep Computer Simulation Model
Author: H.D. Blackburn, T.C. Cartwright

Fostering Lambs by Odor Transfer
Author: Edward O. Price, Nancy L. Martin, G. Craig Dunn, Martin R. Dally, Fremont L. Bell, Margaret Sublette

Review of the Shep II Computer Program
Author: Max E. Benne

Montana Sheep IRM Activities - Phase 1
Author: R.W. Kott, V.M. Thomas

Mixed Grazing of Cool-Season Pastures by Mature Ewes and Yearling Steers
Author: Matt A. Sanderson, Robert R. Ramsey, Preston Hayse, W.F. Wedin

Volume 3, No. 1 - Fall 1986

Effect of Lasalocid on the Protein Requirements of Growing Lambs
Author: D.A. Vermeire, S.R. Baertsche, J.H. Cline

Experimental Cryptosporidiosis in Lambs
Author: Robert F. Cross

New Concepts in Sheep Nutrition
Author: M.E. Benson, D.G. Ely

Effect of Corn Gluten Meal Fed to Lactating Ewes on the Growth Rate of Their Lambs
Author: R.M. Jordan, H.E. Hanke

Influence of Feeding Time on Parturition Time in Ewes
Author: A.F. Jilek, A.L. Pope, R.J. Vatthauer, R.A. Erickson

Out of Season Breeding in Ewes with Norgestomet and PMSG: Effects of Age and Condition
Author: G.Q. Fitch, K.G. Odde, C.A. Stokes, M.E. King, J.G. Butler

A Reoccurrence of the "Silky" Mutant in Sheep
Author: M. Shelton

Breeding Capacity of Ram Lambs Following Unilateral Vasectomy
Author: L.H. Thompson, J.M. Stookey, D.L. Thomas

Comparison of Treatments for Control of the Biting Louse on Sheep
Author: Clell V. Bagley, Howard M. Deer

Rambouillet Ewe Response to Grazing Systems at the Texas Range Station
Author: Charles A. Taylor, Jr., Nick E. Garza, Jr.

Volume 2, No. 3 - Summer 1986

Sheep Research Projects in Progress:

Volume 2, No. 2 - Winter 1986

Bacteria Isolated From Newborn Lamb Deaths on a Southeastern Wyoming Ranch
Author: Robert P. Myers, Robert P. Ellis, Mary Shultz, Albert E. McChesney

Coyote Attractants
Author: Roy Teranishi, Walter Howard

Efficacy of Footvax in the Control of Footrot
Author: Robert P. Ellis, Cleon V. Kimberling, Dianna M. Wynn, Vern B. Swanson, James G. Butler

Influence of Roughage to Concentrate Ratios, Bovatec and Feed Processing on Lamb Feedlot Performances and Carcass Characteristics
Author: Verl M. Thomas, J.J. Dahmen

Relationship of Fatness and Efficiency of Growing Lambs
Author: J.W. Edwards, D.R. Ames

The Sheep Ked Control Program in Wyoming
Author: Hans E. Nel

Comparisons of Ewe Performance on Three Systems of Lamb Production
Author: K.P. Coffey, Jack D. Rhoades, L.S. Coffey, C.V. Ross

Soybean Meal, Heated Soybean Meal and Corn Gluten Meal as Protein Supplements for Lactating Ewes
Author: K.P. Coffey, L.L. Koeln, J.A. Paterson and R.R. Worley

Evaluation of Finn-Cross and Rambouillet Ewes Under Texas Range Conditions
Author: Gary Snowder, Maurice Shelton and P. Thompson

Forage Preferences of Ewes Under Intensiv e and Extensive Rangeland Management
Author: D. Kirby, M. Humann

Volume 2, No. 1 - Fall 1985

Sheep Handling Concepts and Equipment
Author: Lyle G. McNeal

Factors Affecting Sale Price of Performance Tested Rambouillet Rams
Author: Gary D. Snowder, Maurice Shelton

Effects of Roughage Level and Physical Form of Diet on Finnsheep Lactation
Author: D.L. Brown, D.E. Hogue

Feedlot Performance and Nutrient Digestibility in Lambs Fed Diets with Alternating High and Low Concerntrate Levels
Author: T.T. Ross, M.L. Galyean, J.D. Thomas, D.M. Ruppe

Crossing Performance of Finnsheep and Domestic Breeds
Author: Gordon E. Dickerson, Hudson A. Glimp, John D. Crouse, Danny B. Laster

Effective Management Strategies for Internal Parasite Control
Author: S.R. Baertsche

The Role of Forages in Lamb Production
Author: R.W. Van Keuren

The Use of Inbreeding in Purebred Flocks
Author: David L. Thomas

Lamb Watering Trials
Author: Ken Krieg

Removal of Belly Wool at Shearing
Author: James W. Bassett

Volume 1, No. 3 - Summer 1985

Sheep Research Projects in Progress:

Volume 1, No. 2 - Winter 1985

Marketing Tool for Slaughter Lambs and Sheep
Author: Clement E. Ward, Mark T. Detten, Francis M. Epplin

Feeder Lamb Nutrition Research Summary
Author: H.E. Hanke, R.M. Jordan

Forages for Lamb Production in Kentucky
Author: C.T. Dougherty, J.K. Evans, G.L.M. Chappell, D.G. Ely

Marketing Lambs for the Top Dollar
Author: G.L.M. Chappell, W.G. Moody, D.G. Ely, W.P. Deweese

Control of Foot Rot in Sheep
Author: SID Foot Rot Committee

Out-of-Season Breeding of Sheep
Author: S.E. Echternkamp, R.K. Christenson, D.B. Laster, D.D. Lunstra

Improving Reproductive Performance through Selection
Author: Rodney Kott

Physiology and Reproduction - Factors Influencing Lamb Performance
Author: Bruce D. Schanbacher, John D. Crouse, Calvin L. Ferrell

Ionophore approved as Sheep Anticoccidial
Author: Bill Tindall

Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia Esula) as a Forage Component for Ewes and Lambs
Author: S. Bartz, B. Landgraf, P. Fay, K. Havstad

Volume 1, No. 1 - Summer 1984

Production Model
Author: R.M. Jordan

Economic Challenges
Author: John W. Siebert

Integrated Production Management of Sheep
Author: D.G. Ely, G.L.M. Chappell, W.P. Deweese

Rancher Use of the 1080 Toxic Collar in Texas
Author: Jerry H. Scriver, Terry L. Blankenship, Dale A. Wade

Strategies for More Lambs Marketed Per Ewe
Author: David L. Thomas

Purebred Performance of Selected Breeds
Author: Gordon E. Dickerson, Hudson A. Glimp

Fleece Quality as Affected by Britch Removal
Author: T.D. Willingham, M. Shelton, J.W. Bassett

Pricing Slaughter Lambs
Author: Clement E. Ward, Mark T. Detten

Factors Affecting Feed Utilization by Lambs
Author: Calvin L. Ferrell

Economics of Feeding Lambs to Heavier Weights
Author: Virden L. Harrison, John D. Crouse