Video from the 2016 ASI Annual Meeting is also available on the ASI YouTube Channel at SheepUSA1

How To Handle Sheep Video Series

Presented by the American Sheep Industry Association, the Livestock Marketing Association and
Colorado State University with Dr. Temple Grandin -- This 3-part video details the process of handling sheep from the farm and ranch through to the processing plant.

Veterinary Feed Directive and Small Ruminants - Jan. 2017

Dr. Meg Oeller from the Food and Drug Administration discusses the impact of the Veterinary Feed Directive with attendees at the 2017 American Sheep Industry Association Convention in Denver.

Animal Welfare with Dr. Temple Grandin - Jan. 2017

Dr. Temple Grandin provides the Opening Session presentation at the American Sheep Industry Association convention in Denver. Throughout her presentation, Grandin stressed the need to deal in tangible terms and concept.

2017 ASI President Pfliger's Thank You for Your Service

2017 Wool Excellence Event for Glen Fisher

2017 ASI Convention Wrap-up

Jugular Bleeding Technique for Sheep

Dr. Kelly Heath, Attending Veterinarian at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, demonstrates a jugular bleeding technique that will be used as part of a study funded by the American Sheep Industry Association's Let's Grow Program. The goal of the project is to collect blood samples for genomic testing to establish background information in sheep.

The Glass Walls Project: Humane Animal Handling in Lamb Packing Plants

Presented by the North American Meat Institute and narrated by Dr. Temple Grandin

2016 ASI Convention Video

Other Videos

Shearing: Keeping Sheep Healthy & Harvesting a High Performance Fiber
Published April 23, 2015 by the Colorado Wool Growers Association