"Men, Sheep and 100 Years" could never have been written were it not for the thousands of men and women who are now, and have been, a part of the sheep industry.

Through their hardiness, individuality and genuine integrity they made a way of l if e of which they and all America ns can be justifiably proud. Their belief in the age-old industry of raising sheep and wool has not been unfounded.

Because these people believed in organization, they evolved the National Wool Growers Association, which has been a great force in America for l00 years. The group who met in Syracuse, New York, December 12, 1865, to found the National Wool Growers Association had as their stated objective, “To secure for the business of wool growing, equal encouragement with other great industrial enterprises..."

This has continued to be the prime objective of those men and women who have carried forward the activities of the National Wool Growers Association d u ring its first l00 years.

The Association would not have succeeded, nor would it be celebrating its 100th anniversary without the wholehearted support of all the men and women who have been members. It is to them that the authors dedicate this anniversary edition of the National Wool Grower.

Miss Irene Young
Edwin E. Marsh
Miss Gladys Mike
Farrell T. Wonkier, Jr.

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