H-2A Sheepherders Special Procedures

FINAL RULE -- October 16, 2016
DOL Final Rule -- Effective Nov. 16, 2015
DOL Press Release -- October 13, 2015
ASI Press Release -- October 14, 2015

FAQ Round 1 - Implementation and Major Provisions
FAQ Round 2 - Job Order and Application Filing, Processing, and Wage Rate

Summary of H-2A Comments Submitted by ASI and Public Lands Council -- May 29, 2015
Full Set of Comments Submitted by ASI and Public Lands Council -- May 29, 2015
Mountain Plains Agriculture Service and Western Range Association Comments -- June 1, 2015

The Department of Labor issued its Federal Register Proposed Rule to amend its regulations governing the H-2A program for employers seeking to hire foreign temporary agricultural workers for job opportunities in sheepherding, goat herding and production of livestock on the open range.

Temporary Agricultural Employment of H-2A Foreign Workers in the Herding or Production of Livestock on the Open Range in the United States

Supporting Documents:
Rep. Lummis (Wyo.) Letter to DOL Stressing Opposition to H-2A Sprecial Procedures Proposed Rule -- Support from 34 Members of Congress

DOL's Proposed H-2A Rule Will Devastate the Grazing Livestock Production Industry, 5/1/15 -- Comments Prepared by Legal Counsel
H-2A Sheepherders Compensation Methodology, 10/9/14 -- Dr. Julie Shiflett - Juniper Consulting
H-2A Herder Program Recommendations to DOL, 5/1/15 -- Dr. Julie Shiflett – Juniper Consulting

Description of Services Provided by Western Range and Mountain Plains Ag -- May 13, 2015
Initial Draft Talking Points -- DOL’s Proposed H-2A Rule Will Devastate the Open-Range Herding Industry -- April 21, 2015
35 Congressmen Support Extension of H-2A Proposed Rule -- April 30, 2015

April 23 Press Release -- Department of Labor Issues Proposed Rules for H-2A Herders
Colorado Congressman Gardner Supports H-2A Special Procedures
H-2A Special Procedures Two-Page Brief
Joint Letter to Department of Labor -- Western Sheep Associations Request H-2A Special Procedures Be Upheld