Industry Partner

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Thanks to the generosity of our Industry Partners, ASI is able to support a number of progressive programs, as well as assure the success of the annual U.S. sheep industry convention.

Contributions to the convention are critical to the success of this single-largest sheep industry gathering in the nation. Just as importantly, however, Industry Partner contributions fund ASI’s trade association work. We have devoted months of labor and made tens of thousands of contacts in our effort to save the H-2A sheepherder program. This program is key to nearly 40 percent of all sheep production in the United States. ASI has legislation in front of Congress to resolve the bighorn sheep controversy, which threatens many of the western sheep operations. Furthermore, in September, ASI capped a three-year effort to update the Mandatory Price Reporting system for livestock that, I am pleased to say, was signed into law in time to avoid a lapse in reporting coverage.

Perhaps your business is directly involved with ASI’s programs for international trade, military product development or with the wool super-wash process. Similarly, I hope you agree that the effort of our Let’s Grow program to increase sheep production for wool, lamb and pelts is positive to your business.

Please contact Peter Orwick at 303-771-3500, ext. 103 with any questions or requests.


Anodyne, Inc.
Contact: Terry Martin
P.O. Box 2237
San Angelo, TX 76902
Phone: 325-653-3061


Groenewold Fur and Wool Co
Contact: Greg Groenewold
P.O. Box 663
Forreston, IL 61030
Phone: 815-938-2381


Wolverine Packing Co.
Contact: Jim Banahoom
2535 Rivard
Detroit, MI 48207
Phone: 313-259-7500


American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society
Contact: Doug Gillespie
PO Box 259
Hallsville, MO 65255-0259
Phone: 573-696-2550

The American Hampshire Sheep Assn
Contact: Jeff Ebert
PO Box 231
Wamego, KS 66547
Phone: 785-456-8500

Anderson Sheep Co Inc.
Contact: Reed Anderson
36866 Hwy 228
Brownsville, OR 97327
Phone: 541-954-8145

Catelli Brothers Inc

Contact: Tony Catelli
50 Ferry Ave
Collinswood, NJ 08108
Phone: 856-869-9293 Ext. 225

Utah Wool Marketing
Contact: Will Hart Griggs
55 South Iron St., Ste 2
Tooele, UT 84074
Phone: 435-843-4284

Industry Supporter Level One

Berry & Sons Islamic Slaughterhouse, Inc.
Contact: Tom Rababeh
2496 Orleans St
Detroit, MI 48207
Phone: 313-259-6925

Continental Dorset Club, Inc.
Contact: Debra Hopkins, Exec. Sec/Treas.
PO Box 506
North Scitvate, RI 02857
Phone: 401-647-4676

Colorado Serum Company
Contact: Joe Huff
4950 York St
Denver, CO 80216
Phone: 303-295-7527

Crescent Sock Company
Contact: Sandra Boyd
PO Box 669
Nieta, TN 37826
Phone: 423-568-2101

Sydell Inc
Contact: John Lynch
46935 SD Hwy 50
Burbank, SD 57010
Phone: 800-842-1369
Guard Dog Members

CLICK HERE for the Guard Dog Application Form

The Guard Dog Program has spent nearly $200,000 to date to defend the sheep industry in the ongoing bighorn/domestic sheep controversy!

Due to the generosity of the record-setting 196 members and organizations that contributed to the Guard Dog Program during 2018, ASI could legally intervene on behalf of the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station.

Please consider a contribution this year to lend the extra hand to protect the sheep industry on all fronts. This is the only way that the organization can assist with or lead litigation. Annual dues from state associations are spent 100% on lobbying in Washington, D.C., so there is no balance left for litigation or legal analysis of federal decisions.

The program grows each year with additional sheep families deciding to help fund the legal arm of the sheep industry. We know activist groups that are targeting the sheep industry, such as Western Watershed Project and WildEarth Guardians in Montana and they raise money in the process to file more suits or appeals.

You are recognized nationally as the individuals and businesses that go the extra mile for the sheep industry. We receive positive feedback from the Guard Dog Member recognition in the monthly Sheep Industry News, as well as throughout the Annual Sheep Industry Convention.

If you are a returning member, I hope you will consider another contribution to the Guard Dog Program and continue to be part of the group of leaders that support the industry at a higher level. If you are a first time supporter, welcome to the program. A list of members is below.


Peter Orwick, Executive Director

FY 2018/2019 (Oct. 1, 2018 - September 30, 2019)

Charter Members

Jon and Linzie Amparan, Amparan Livestock, CA

Reed and Robyn Anderson, Anderson Sheep Co., Inc., OR

John and Nina Baucus, Sieben Ranch Co., MT

J. Paul and Debbie Brown, Reata Ranch, LLC, CO

Brad and Laurie Boner, Cole Creek Ranch, WY

Cedar Livestock Association c/o Jack Smith, UT

Dan and Steve Chournos, Chournos, Inc., UT

Colorado Wool Growers Association

Mike and Jennifer Corn, Roswell Wool, NM

Firewater Ranch, WA

John and Florence Cubiburu, Cubiburu Livestock, CA

Saundra Davenport and Taunya Ruffin, Rocking R Ruffin Ranch, TX

John and Mary Eagle, Eagle Suffolks, ID

Nancy East, DVM, Sheeprock Ranch, CA

Ben and Stella Elgorriaga, Elgorriaga Livestock, Inc., CA

Stephen and Lisa Elgorriaga, Stephen Elgorriaga Livestock, CA

El Tejon Sheep Co., CA

John and Carolyn Espil, John Espil Sheep Co., Inc., NV

Henry and Kathy Etcheverry, Etcheverry Sheep Co., ID

John Jodi, Mike and Jack Faulkner, Faulkner Land & Livestock, ID

Glen, Linda, Tammy & David Fisher, Askew-Fisher Ranch, TX

Bobby and Valery Frank, Frank & Ball/Livestock Weekly, TX

Paul and Marla Frischknecht, Frischknecht Livestock, UT

Michael and Vicki Guerry, Guerry, Inc., ID

Richard and Stacy Hamilton, Hamilton Bros., CA

Julie A. Hansmire, Campbell Hansmire Sheep, LLC, CO

Gene Hardy, Hardy Ranch, WY

Mike and Mary Ann Harper, Mike Harper Livestock, LLC, CO

Tom, John & Karen Helle, Helle Livestock, MT

Ryan and Beatriz Indart, Indart Ranch, CA

Francisco (Paco) and Maria Iturriria, I+M Sheep Co., CA

Frankie Iturriria, CA

Miguel and Yvonne Iturriria, I+M Sheep Co., CA

Lee and Joan Jarvis, Jarvis Sheep Co., UT

Mike and Mary Jo Jernigan, Jernigan Ranch Co., TX

Marie Julian, Julian Land and Livestock, WY

Tom and Becky Kourlis, Kourlis Ranch, CO

Clint and Maureen Krebs, Krebs Livestock, LLC, OR

Glen Krebs, Cunningham Sheep Co., OR

Skye and Penny Krebs, Krebs Sheep Co., OR

Dean and Kathy Lamoreaux, Lamoreaux Sheep, UT

David and Bonnie Little, Little Livstock, NV

Jim Magagna, Magagna Bros., WY

R & D Malone Ranches, LLC, TX

Joe Mattos, IOU Sheep Co., CA

Jack and Kathryn McRae, McRae Brothers Targhees, MT

Larry and Kathy Mead, MO

Don and Pete Meike, Meike Ranch, WY

Pierce and Betty Miller, VIP Ranch Co., TX

Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers, Inc.

Mark and Lorin Moench, Thousand Peaks Ranch, UT

Frank and Elaine Moore, WY

W.I. Moore Ranch Co., Inc., WY

Elisabeth Noelke, 7h Ranch, TX

Mike, Kelly, Katy Nottingham, Nottingham Land & Livestock, CO

Jack and Cindy Orwick, SD

Steve and Vickie Osguthorpe, Red Pine Land & Livestock, UT

Tom, John, Diane and Cory Peavey, Flat Top Sheep Co., ID

Brian and Gayenell Phelan, CA

James Powell, TX

Larry Prager, Center of the Nation Wool, Inc., SD

Joe Pozzi, Joe Pozzi Livestock, CA

Steve and Toni Raftopoulos, Two Bar Sheep Co., LLC, CO

Paul Rodgers, WV

Spence and Connie Rule, Rule Feeders, LLC, CO

Cindy and Jeff Siddoway, Siddoway Sheep Co., Inc., ID

Andree Soares, Star Creek Land Stewards, CA

Joel Stamatakis, Double Circle Ranch, UT

Bill Strauss, Strauss Ranch, TX

Angelo, Karin, Anthony and Dani Theos, Theos Swallow Fork Ranch, CO

Debra and Tom Thompson, Thompson Farms & Feedlot Inc., CO

Utah Wool Marketing

Tom and Karin Watson, Silverdale Farms, OR

Patty and Brandon Willis, Willis Ranch, UT

Support Members

Larry Allen, Allen Livstock, CO

Auza Ranches, LLC, AZ

Bob and Sherry Benson, IN

Brian and Carolyn Bitner, BRB Livestock, UT

Robert and Becky Boylan, Boylan Ranch, SD

Vance Broadbent, JRB, LLC, WY

James Brown, James Brown Law Office, MT

Patrick and Ronna Burke, Burke Ranch, SD

Peter and Jackie Camino, Camino & Son, WY

Curry and Bonnie Lou Campbell, Live Oak Ranch, TX

Ernie and George Etchart, Etchart Livestock, Inc., CO

Emily Chamelin-Hickman and Kevin Hickman, Chamelin-Hickman Shearing, MD

Tom and Cynthia Crane, Crane Ranch, CA

G. David and Theressa Dalling, Dalling Sheep, ID

Rufus and Patty DeZeeuw, DeZeeuw Farms, SD

John and Bernie Dvorak, Dvorak Family Farm, MN

David Earl, Upper Creek Road, UT

Ted and Renae Edwards, Edwards Ranch, WY

Tom and Leah Edwards, TLE Ranch, Inc., WY

Paul and Beth Erk, Erk Bros., SD

Dallas and Whittney Fairchild, Fairchild Sheep Shearing, ID

Vernon and Terri Fairchild, Fairchild Shearing, LLC ID

Lorin and Waneta Fawcett, Joseph O. Fawcett & Sons, UT

Gary, Gwen, Kevin and Bobby Geis, Gets Brothers, LLC, WY

Don and Helen Godby, Godby Sheep Co., CO

Wm and Sherie Goring, Goring Ranch, UT

David and Nancy Greene, MD

Halterman Sheep, Inc., UT

Keith, Linda and Douglas Hamilton, Hamilton Ranch, Inc., WY

Hampton Sheep Co., WY

Joe and Aggie Helle, Rebish & Helle Partnership, MT

Marlin Helming, Helming Hampshires, CO

Kurt and Carol Heupel, Heupel Farms, CO

Hotchkiss Ranches, Inc., CO

Isenberger-Litton Livestock, LLC, WY

Fred Itcaina, MT

Matt and Sandra Jarvis, Jarvis Sheep Co., UT

Burdell and Theo Johnson, Diamond J Livestock, ND

Claire Jones, Bar 7 Ranch, TX

Bob, Marie, Ben and Jamie Lehfeldt, Lehfeldt Rambouillets, MT

Wes and Pat Limesand, ND

Tim and Kim Mackenzie, Mackenzie Sheep Co., ID

Max and Joyce Matthews, SD

Michael and Janet Mawhinney, Mawhinney Mountain Dorsets, PA

Michael McCormick, McCormick Ranch, WY

Ken and Phyllis McKamey, McKamey Ranch Co., MT

Mickel Brothers, LLC, UT

Maxwell and Kelsey Miller, DJ Miller Ranches, Inc.

Montana Wool Growers Association

Ron and Elizabeth Moss, Moss Sheep, ID

Larry and Sandra Nelson, SD

New Mexico Wool Growers, Inc.

David and Roxi Niemi, Niemi Ranch, SD

Joanne Nissen, CA

Will and Laura Nuckolls, Nuckolls Ranch, Inc., WY

Nugget International, TX

David and Holly Ollila, Flying O Sheep, SD

Bob and Jennifer Orwick, Orwick Ranch, SD

James and Joyce Orwick, SD

John and Linda Oswalt, Oswalt Farm, MI

Pete and Rama Paris, Paris Livestock, NV

Ramon Perez Ranch, NM

Dan and Kay Persons, Rafter P Ranch, MN

Burton and Pattie Pfliger, Roselawn Legacy Hampshires, ND

Larry and Madge Pilster, Pilster Ranch Corp., MT

Craig and Doelene Pitt, Pitt Family Columbias, UT

Stanley E. and Carol Poe, Poe Hampshires, IN

Johnny and Claire Powell, Wineglass Ranch, TX

Jewell A. Reed, Reed Livestock, LLC, WY

Warren and Carla Roberts, Open Heart Ranch, CO

Ward and Lynn Rouse, Rouse Farms, OR

Thomas and Carol Schene, Schene Enterprises, CA

Clay and Angei Shannon, Shannon Ranch, CA

Maurice Short, M & K Short Ranch, OR

Bill and Susan Shultz, Bunker Hill Farm, OH

Snyder Ranches, LLC, CO

Phil Soulen, ID

Bill and Margie Sparrow, NC

Joe and Cheri Sperry, Sperry Livestock Corp., CO

Vernon and Marsha Spykerman, IA

Keith and Kathy Stumbo, Down Valley Farm, NY

Art and Jill Swannack, Feustel Farms, Inc., WA

Oliver and Sharon Tafelmeyer, ND

Raymond and Teresa Talbott, Talbott Sheep Co., CA

Mickey (Mary A.) Thoman, W+M Thoman Ranches, LLC, WY

Randy and Amanda Tunby, MT

University of Idaho - U.S. Sheep Experiment Station, ID

Lionel and Michelle Valdez, Rancho de Valdez, CO

Marilyn Volpe and George Burns, ID

Luanne and Mike Wallewein, Timber Coulee Columbias, MT

Clark and Ruth Webster, C & R Farms, UT

Walter L. and Tommy Whitehead, Whitehead Ranch, TX

Ray and Jeri Willoughby, TX

Ira T. Wines, Ellison Ranching Co., NV

David and Sara Winters, DW Winters Livestock, TX

Ken and Pauline Wixom, Wixom Livestock, ID

Contributing Members

Madelon Bradshaw, TX

John and Martha Lemondes, Elly's Acres Farm, NY

Tom Goble, UT

Leonard and Elizabeth Riccio, L Bar E Farm, ID

Lauren and Cody Sizemore, CA

Rex Streets, MT

Sheep Heritage Foundation

~ A charitable institution protecting the traditions of the U.S. sheep industry. ~

To view the Sheep Heritage Foundation Brochure, Click Here.

MISSION: Focusing solely on the U.S. sheep industry, the Sheep Heritage Foundation - a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation - is dedicated to enhancing the value of the sheep industry in the United States. It was established to create programs and projects that will assure solid opportunities for the future of the U.S. sheep industry.

MOTIVATION: You are proud to be associated with the U.S. sheep industry. Whether your family involvement is purebred, milk, sheepskin, wool for hand knitting, show lambs for youth programs or commercial wool and lamb production, a donation to the Sheep Heritage Foundation will help protect the livelihood of an industry that is near and dear to your heart.

To honor the memory of industry leaders and sheep producers. A donation to the Foundation is one of the many ways a family member or friend of the sheep industry can be remembered.
To protect the future of the U.S. sheep industry. A donation is an indication that you care about the industry's potential in the years to come and for future generations.
To commemorate your family's heritage and proud tradition in the industry. You and/or your family have contributed timeless hours to more than just a business, it's your true love for the animals and the way of life that drives you. You are proud of your family's role in producing lamb for America's table, wool to clothe our families, as well as those serving the nation's military. A donation will help assure that your hard work over the years is not forgotten; instead it will help perpetuate the industry.

SIGNIFICANCE: Your gift will help strengthen the industry, build programs that will ensure the industry's success and enhance and defend the opportunities for U.S. sheep producers. The Foundation's board of directors are committed to utilizing funds for the best scientific and educational projects of the industry. Additionally, the board is seeking matching funds from corporate, private and public entities to further stretch industry contributions.

DONATE: Consider a donation to uphold your family's important heritage and preserve opportunities for today's producers and for the generations that will raise sheep tomorrow.

Send donations or requests for more information to:
American Sheep Industry Association
9785 Maroon Circle, Suite 360
Englewood, CO 80112

10/1/2018 - 9/30/2019 Donations

Stan and Ann Boyd
Memory of Truman Julian

Michael A. Guerry
Memory of Truman Julian
Memory of Nancy Rule

Darrell and Teresa Keese
Memory of Bud Gutzman

Pierce and Betty Miller
Memory of Jean Brown
Memory of Horace H "Lad" Linthicum
Memory of Mrs. Ralph Mayer
Memory of Jw Nuckolls

Amy Orwick
Memory of Jean Brown
Memory of Truman Julian
Memory of Helen Pilster
Memory of Nancy Rule

Steve and Toni Raftopoulos
Memory of Jean Brown
Memory of Nancy Rule
Memory of Dean and Ann Visintainer

10/1/2017 - 9/30/2018 Donations

American Sheep Industry Association
Memory of Jw Nuckolls

Florence Cubiburu
Memory of Bud Gutzman

Clint and Maureen Krebs
Memory of Wayne D. Mosher

Pierce and Betty Miller
Memory of Fred Campbell
Memory of Leroy Keese
Memory of Stanley Mayfield
Memory of Mackey McEntire
Memory of Charles Stegall

Bill and Susan Shultz
Memory of Susan Morrical

Siddoway Sheep Co.
Memory of Jw Nuckolls

10/1/2016 - 9/30/2017 Donations

Colorado Wool Growers Association
Memory of LeGrande Bair
Memory of A. Perry Christensen

Florence Cubiburu
Memory of Robert Schene

Glen and Linda Fisher
Memory of Bill Sims
Memory of Glen Richardson

Guy Flora
Memory of Bill Sims

Dennis and Stacie Fry
Memory of Brian Hoffman

Mike Harper Livestock, LLC

Pierce and Betty Miller

Memory of Glen Richardson
Memory of Clinton Hodges

Paul Rodgers
Rodgers Family Memorial

Siddoway Sheep Co, Inc.
Rodgers Family Memorial

Theos Swallow Fork Ranch Inc.
Memory of Martin Etchart

Dr. Cynthia Wolf
Rodgers Family Memorial