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Helena, Mont.
Domestic and Wild Sheep Symposium

The Montana Wool Growers Association, the Montana Wild Sheep Foundation and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks are sponsoring a symposium titled “Sheep in Montana – Domestic and Wild: The State of Things and What We Know About Disease.”

The symposium will be held on the afternoon of Thursday, Feb. 9 and the morning of Friday, Feb. 10 at the Radisson Colonial Inn in Helena.

The purpose of the symposium is to share information on the state of the domestic sheep industry in Montana, the state of Montana’s bighorn sheep, domestic and wild sheep interaction and management, and the current state of our collective knowledge about sheep diseases, including disease surveillance. Researchers, managers and producers from the western U.S. and Canada will share their knowledge through a series of presentations with a special focus on Montana’s sheep, both domestic and wild.

The symposium is open and free to the public. An agenda of the symposium will be available at fwp.mt.gov prior to the event.

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Pipestone Lamb & Wool Short Course and Tour

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the 2017 Pipestone Lamb and Wool Program Lambing Time Short Course and Bus Tour which will be held on February 10th and 11th in Pipestone. We have an excellent program planned and we will be touring two outstanding sheep operations. The program starts with an optional Friday afternoon hands-on computer record keeping session using Microsoft Excel and Shearwell Data FarmWorks software program. Friday evening and Saturday morning sessions will cover lambing time management and health topics. Saturday afternoon will be spent touring and viewing two successful sheep operations.

The purpose of this short course and bus tour is to help producers recognize and effectively deal with common lambing time problems. We are fortunate to have highly qualified sheep veterinarians on the program to share their thoughts on common lamb and ewe health problems. Touring two top area sheep operations in the afternoon will provide an opportunity for individuals to see firsthand how other sheep producers recognize and deal with lambing time problems. You will see how they lay out their lambing barn, set up creep pens, graft lambs, dock, vaccinate, feed and manage their lambs and ewes.  The farm demonstration session will provide an excellent learning opportunity.

For those who are unable to attend our short course and bus tour please consider our web based Lambing Time Management Series which consists of six recorded topics that can be viewed through an Internet connection in the comfort of your home or office. 

For more information visit our web page www.pipestonesheep.com or contact Claire Beekman at (507)825-6822 or Claire.Stone@mnwest.edu

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Hope, Ark.
Sheep & Goat Buying Station
Sheep & Goat Buying Station will be open at Duckett Farms in Hope, Ark.

For more information, call Chris Sweat at 479-970-6905 or Jesse Duckett at 870-703-7321.
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Brush, CO
Colorado Wool Growers Shearing School

Shearing School – February 23-25, 2017 -- Morgan County Fairgrounds – Brush

$150 registration fee -- For More Information: Marlin Eisenach (970) 542-3543 office or (970) 768-5154 cell or marlin.eisenach@colostate.edu

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Jefferson City, MO
Missouri State Shearing School
Missouri state shearing school at George Washington Carver Farm in Jefferson City.

Contact Erin Brindisi at brindisie@lincolnu.edu or 573-681-5312 for information.