Sheep & Goat Research Journal

Volume 29, 2014

High Frequencies of the αS1-Casein Zero Variant in Milk from Swedish Dairy Goats

Effects of Sex, Breed, Callipyge Phenotype, and Docked Tail Length on Rectal Prolapse in Lambs

Volume 28, 2013

Efficacy of Pregnancy-Specific Protein B Assay to Detect Pregnancy and Lambing Rates in Sheep

Growth and Performance of Meat Goat Kids from Two Seasons of Birth in Kentucky

Tail Length at Docking and Weaning of Lambs

Accuracy of Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Sex and Effect of Sex and Birth Type on Biparietal Diameter of Saanen Goat Fetuses

Technical Note: Effects of Supplementation of Expired Human Foodstuffs on Intake and Digestion of Wethers Fed a Base...

Volume 27, 2012

Post-Natal Skin Follicle Development in The Raieni Cashmere Goat

Effectiveness of Theobromine and Caffeine Mixtures in Coyote Lure Operative Devices as a Predacide: A Simulated Field Study

Efficacy Of Garlic Juice, Copper Oxide Wire Particles, And Anthelmintics To Control Gastrointestinal Nematodes In Goates

Research Symposium Utilization of Genomic Information for the Sheep Industry

Performance of Meat Goats Control-Grazed on Winter Annual Grasses

Effects of Supplemental Dried Distillers Grains or Soybean Hulls on Growth and Internal Parasites Status of Grazing Lambs

Volume 26, 2011

Mixed Grazing Goats With Cattle on Reclaimed Coal Mined Lands in the Appalachian Region: Effects on Forage Standing Biomass,

Effects of Season of Kidding on Doe Performance in Commercial Boer Cross Does

Sulfur Intake, Excretion, and Ruminal Hydrogen Sulfide Concentrations in Lambs Fed Increasing ...

Growth and Carcass Characteristics of Conventionally Raised Lambs Versus Naturally Raised Lambs

Effects of Rumen-Protected Arginine Supplementation on Ewe Serum-Amino-Acid Concentration...

Volume 25, 2010

A Review: The Use of Livestock Protection Dogs in Association with Large Carnivores in the Rocky Mountains

Effect of Feeding System on Meat Goat Growth Performance and Carcass Traits

Effects of Supplemental Cobalt on Nutrient Digestion and Nitrogen Balance in Lambs Fed Forage-based Diets

Evaluation of Ultrasonography to Measure Fetal Size and Heart Rate as Predictors of Fetal Age in Hair Sheep

Effects of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin on Serum Progesterone Concentration During the First Weeks After Mating, Components of Pre-implantation Complete Blood Counts, and Number of Offspring...

Effect of Finishing Crossbred Meat Goats with a Similar Total Quantity of Finisher Ration Over Variable Duration

Protein Supplementation of Low-quality Forage: Influence of Frequency of Supplementation on Ewe Performance and Lamb Nutrient Utilization

Can Sheep and Cattle Rumen Microorganisms be Conditioned to Invasive Weeds?

Substituting Corn Dried Distillers Grains for Cottonseed Meal in Lamb Finishing Diets: Carcass Characteristics, Meat Fatty Acid Profiles, and Sensory Panel Traits

Feedlot Performance, Carcass Characteristics, and Muscle CLA Concentration of Lambs Fed Diets Supplemented with Safflower Seeds and Vitamin E

Pregnancy rates after ewes were treated with estradiol-17β and oxytocin

Manipulating Sheep Browsing Levels on Coyote Willow (Salix exigua) with Supplements

Effects of Physical Isolation on Serum and Salivary Cortisol and Components of Complete Blood Counts in Yearling Ewes

Research Note: Sheep Antiserum as an Antibody Supplement in Newborn Lambs

Volume 24, 2009

Effect of Expected Peripheral Concentrations of Progesterone on Ovulation Rate and Litter Size in Barbados Blackbelly Ewes

Post-weaning Management of Lambs Alters Subsequent Feedlot Performance and Tissue Deposition

Substituting distillers dried grains for cottonseed meal in lamb-finishing diets: growth, wool characteristics, and serum NEFA, urea N, and IGF-1 concentrations

Wool Price Differences by Preparation in the United States

Evaluating Nutritional Status of Dorper and Rembouillet Ewes in Range Sheep Production

Volume 23, 2008

Feeding of DDGS in Lamb Rations

Nutrient Utilization in Polypay and Percentage White Dorper Lambs Fed a High-Roughage and a High-Concentrate Diet

PRNP Genotype and Sale Price - Associations of prion protein genotype with sale price in a flock of purebred Polled Dorsets

The Yellowing Propensity of Rambouillet Wool

Volume 22, 2007

Winter Grazing Systems for Gestating Ewes

Cash Versus Contract Marketing in the U.S. Lamb Industry

Superovulation in Sheep: Number and Weight of the Corpora Lutea and Serum Progesterone

Western Snowberry Response to Fire and Goat Browsing

Growth and Carcass Characteristics in Goat Kids Fed Grass- and Alfalfa-Hay-Based Diets with Limited Concentrate Supplementation

Peanut Stover and Bermudagrass Hay for Wethers on Summer Hardwood Rangeland in North Central Texas

Weaning Weights in a Range Purebred Merino and Crossbred Merino x Rambouillet Flock

Volume 21, 2006

Corn Supplement for Goats on Summer Rangeland or Improved Pasture

Development and Consumer Acceptance of Pre-cooked Goat Roasts

Efficacy of Dried Distiller's Grains with Solubles as a Replacement for Soybean Meal and a Portion of the Corn in a Finishing Lamb Diet

Development and Consumer Acceptance of Pre-cooked Lamb Leg Roasts

The Color of Scoured and Carded Wools: A Comparison of U.S., Australian and New Zealand Wools

Sexual Performance and Reproductive Characteristics of Young Adult Awassi, Charollais-Awassi and Romanov-Awassi Rams

Stocking Rates on Cultivated Winter Pastures for Meat Goats

Browsing of Western Snowberry by Goats and Sheep

Volume 20, 2005

Seasonal Acceptance of Fourwing Saltbush by Sheep When Crested Wheatgrass is the Alternative

Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Lambs Sired by Texel, Romanov, St. Croix or Dorset Rams from Polypay and St. Croix Ewes

Cost of a Maedi Visna Flock Certification Program and the Changes in Productivity and Economic Return

Post-weaning Growth and Carcass Traits of St. Croix White and Dorper X St. Croix White Lambs Grazing Pasture During the Dry and Wet Seasons in the U.S. VI

Post-weaning Growth and Carcass Traits of St. Croix White and Dorper X St. Croix White Lambs Fed a Concentrate Diet in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Growth Performance of Barbados Blackbelly, Katahdin and St. Croix Hair Sheep Lambs Fed Pasture- or Hay-based Diets

Gastrointestinal Parasitism in Hair Sheep and Meat Goat Breeds Grazing Naturally Infected Pasture

Carcass and Growth Characteristics of Wethers Sired by Percentage White Dorper or Hampshire Rams 1

Postweaning Performance of Hair and Wool Sheep and Reciprocal-crosses on Pasture and in Feedlot

Lamb Production of Dorper, Katahdin, and St. Croix Bred in Summer, Winter, or Spring in the Southeastern United States

Volume 19, 2004 -Special Edition: Predation

Review of Canid Management in Australia for the Protection of Livestock and Wildlife - Potential Application to Coyote Management

The Coyote in the Edwards Plateau of Texas -- an Update

Predation and Livestock Production Perspective and Overview

Economic Impact of Sheep Predation in the United States

The History of Federal and Cooperative Animal Damage Control

Status and Management of Coyote Depredations in the Eastern United States

Coyote Predation Management: An Economic Analysis of Increased Antelope Recruitment and Cattle Production in South Central Wyoming

Feral Swine Impacts on Agriculture and the Environment

Managing Wolf Depredation in the United States: Past, Present, and Future

Compensation Programs in Wyoming for Livestock Depredation by Large Carnivores

Direct, Spillover, and Intangible Benefits of Predation Management

Livestock Depredations by Black Vultures

Indirect Effects of Carnivores on Livestock Foraging Behavior and Production

Non-lethal Alternatives for Predation Management

Use of Livestock Guarding Animals to Reduce Predation on Livestock

Predacides for Canid Predation Management

Selective Targeting of Alpha Coyotes to Stop Sheep Depredation

Economic Impact of Protected Large Carnivores on Sheep Farming in Norway

Using Genetic Analyses to Identify Predators

Volume 18: 2003

Case Report - Monensin Poisoning in a Sheep Flock

Research Note - Repeated Injections of Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin (PMSG) Failed to Induce Antibody Production in Fall Lambing Ewes

Effects of Supplementing Ewes with d-a-Tocopherolon Serum and Colostrum Immunoglobulin G Titers and Preweaning Lamb Performance

Effects of the FecB Gene in Half-sib Families of Rambouillet-cross Ewes

Potential Associative Effects of Increasing Dietary Forage in Limit-fed Ewes Fed a 6% Fat Diet

Interrelationships of Traits Measured on Fine-wool Rams During a Central Performance Test

Effects of Supplementing Polyethylene Glycol to Goat Kids Grazing Sericea Lespedeza and Early Post-weaning Nutritive Plane Upon Subsequent Growth

Use of DNA Markers to Determine Paternity in a Multiple-Sire Mating Flock

Use of the Lamb Vision System to Predict Carcass Value

Quebracho Tannin Influence on Nitrogen Balance in Small Ruminants and In-Vitro Parameters when Utilizing Alfalfa Forage

An Investigation into the Risk Factors Associated with Clinical Mastitis in Colorado Sheep

Weight Changes in Fall and Spring Lambing Ewes Grazing Fallow Wheat Fields During the Summer

Effect of Ethanol Supplementation on In Vitro Digestion and VFA Production and Growth Performance of Newly Weaned

Growth and Reproductive Performance of Ewe Lambs Implanted with Zeranol after Weaning, but before Sexual Maturation

Consumer Evaluation of Pre-Cooked Lamb

Caprine Arthritis-Encephalitis: An Update

An Evaluation of Different Energy Supplements for Lambs Consuming Endophyte-free Tall Fescue

The Effects of Energy Source and Ionophore Supplementation on Lamb Growth, Carcass Characteristics and Tenderness

Comparing Indicators of Sheep Grazing Leafy Spurge and Perennial Grasses

Volume 17, No. 3: 2002 -- Special Issue: Breeding for Meat Production

Fundamental Aspects of Crossbreeding of Sheep: Use of Breed Diversity to Improve Efficiency of Meat Production

Use of Finnsheep Crosses in a Western Commercial Sheep Operation

Composite Trait Selection for Improving Lamb Production

Relationships Among Traits: Growth Rate, Mature Size, Carcass Composition and Reproduction

Strategies for Genetic Improvement of Carcass Value in Lambs

Opportunities to Reduce Seasonality of Breeding in Sheep by Selection

Lamb Mortality

Genetic and Environmental Impacts on Prenatal Lamb Loss

Selection for Reproductive Efficiency

Preface and Overview

Volume 17, No. 2: 2002

Research Note - Influence of Supplement Form on Ewe Performance and Reproduction

Technical Note - Genetic Control of Color in Dorper Sheep and Their Crosses

Adipose Tissue Lipogenic Enzyme Activity, Serum IGF-I, and IGF-Binding Proteins in the Callipyge Lamb

Effect of Colostrum Intake on Serum Hormone Concentrations and Immunoglobulin G Absorption in Neonatal Lambs

Scrapie in Sheep: A Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy

Fall and Winter Grazing of Brassicas - a Value-Added Opportunity for Lamb Producers

Effects of Prenatal Shearing of Ewes on Birth Weight and Neonatal Survivability of Lambs

Volume 17, No. 1, 2001

Special Issue: 1994 -- The Role of Sheep Grazing in Natural Resource Management

The Role of Sheep and Sheep Products in Waste Management

Sheep: A Method For Controlling Rangeland Weeds

Sheep as a Silvicultural Management Tool in Temperate Conifer Forest

Sheep Grazing as a Brush and Fine Fire Fuel Management Tool

Prescribed Sheep Grazing to Enhance Wildlife Habitat on North American Rangelands

Sheep Grazing as a Range Improvement Tool

Sheep Grazing and Riparian and Watershed Management

Multispecies Grazing: The Ecological Advantage

The Role of Grazing Sheep in Sustainable Agriculture