2015 ASI Convention Presentations

Let's Grow Committee
Business Planning for U.S. Sheep Producers - Susan Schoenian
2014 Review and A Look at 2015 - Jay Parsons
sheepSD Update - David Ollila

Wool Excellence Awards Luncheon
Dr. Parvez Mehta
Dr. Rodney Kott

Genetic Stakeholders Committee
National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) Industry Survey - Dr. Reid Redden
Evaluation of Carcass-Plus as a Terminal Sire Index - Dr. Dan Morrical

Resource Management Council
National Grazing Lands Council Steering Committee - Ben Lehfeldt
Bighorn Overview and Research - Dr. Maggie Highland

Wool Council Meeting
Objective Measurement Equipment Research Update - Dr. Chris Schauer, Hettinger Reasearch Extension Center, NDSU
Product Development Updates - Dr. Parvez Mehta, ASI Consultant
International Update - Barry Savage, ASI Consultant

Animal Health Committee
Sheep Safety and Quality Assurance Program Overview - Dr. Melissa VanLaningham
Mycoplasma Ovis - Dr. Maggie Highland
Scrapie Eradication Program Update - Dr. Diane Sutton, USDA/APHIS/VS

National Sheep Improvement Program Forum

NSIP Re-Launch and Re-Branding Initiative - Demeter Communications

American Lamb Board and ASI Lamb Council
Sheep, Lamb, Wool Price Reporting - Brittany Koop, USDA/AMS
Lamb Quality Audit Update and Report - Dr. Keith Belk, Colorado State University
Lamb Carcass Instrument Evaluation Update - Dr. Lawrence Yates, USDA/AMS
The Animal Ag Alliance: An Investment in the Future of Animal Agriculture - Kay Johnson Smith, AAA

Production, Education and Research Council
Research Update from the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center - Dr. Kreg Leymaster
Livestock Protection Dog Research Update - Dr. Julie Young, USDA/APHIS/Wildlife Services
Research Update from the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station - Dr. Bret Taylor

Legislative Action Council
Bob Leer, Chair

Wool Roundtable
Wool Market Review - Russ Travelute, USDA/AMS
Rapid Fiber Measurement Equipment Research - Dr. John Walker, Texas AgriLife
Havelock, Wool Insulation - Andrew Legge

Board of Directors
Agriculture and Animal Rights Groups - Kay Johnson Smith - AAA

Young Entrepreneurs
The Value of Using EPD's - Dr. Reid Redden
World Shepherd Competition - Woody Babcock and Dani Buskohl
The Truth About Margins - Dr. Dennis Stiffler

American Goat Federation
Q Fevers: What it is and Why We Should Be Concerned - Dr. Katherine Marshall, Veterinary Epidemiologist at Centers for Epidemiology & Animal Health
U.S. Sheep Experiment Station - Dr. Bret Taylor
"No Needles, Please." Cost and Effectiveness of Needlefree Vaccination - Dr. Bret Taylor