Six Ag Workforce Trends to Watch
October 7, 2016

According to an article in Milk Business, labor issues are top of mind for producers. Immigration policy makes election headlines, and states like California make finding and keeping labor more difficult for producers.

This week at the World Dairy Expo, Tom Maloney of Cornell University Extension gave a seminar on trends facing the agriculture workforce. He says there are a few labor issues that will impact how dairy farms (and agriculture in general) are managed.
  1. Consider how the following workforce trends could affect your operation.
  2. Continued Efforts to Reform U.S. Immigration Policy
  3. Migrations from Mexico to the United States are Changing
  4. Increased Activity by Worker Advocacy Groups
  5. Increased Consumer and Food Company Interest in Farm Employment Practices
  6. Increased Producer Interest in Mechanization and Robotics
  7. More Wage Increases, Government Oversight and Regulation
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