How To Handle Sheep Video Series Available in Spanish
October 7, 2016

Earlier this year, the American Sheep Industry Association, with collaboration from Temple Grandin, Ph.D., the Livestock Marketing Association and Colorado State University, released a three-part video detailing the process of handling sheep through the entire life span of the animal.

The How to Handle Sheep video is now available as a training tool in English and Spanish. From producers and auction-facility workers to the transportation industry and harvesting personnel, everyone can follow Dr. Grandin as she discusses the best practices to use in handling sheep.

ASI Executive Director Peter Orwick strongly encourages all sheep operations to ensure their livestock workers, whether full- or part-time employees or neighbors, are educated.

"These videos are a convenient way to accomplish this goal," said Orwick. "Poorly trained or uneducated workers who help with sheep are a business liability that is not necessary with today's access to training."

Both versions of the video are available on ASI's YouTube Channel at