Maine Dehairing Open House
November 4, 2016

Natural Fiber Producers, in conjunction with Saco River Dyehouse, is hosting an Open House for fiber producers and brokers, textile manufacturers, mill owners and operators and designers on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 4 and 5. The primary goal of the event is to observe the commercial dehairing process firsthand.

Attendees will learn about cost savings once heavier fibers, vegetative matter, dirt and other contaminants are removed by the dehairing process. The machine's gentle action does not break or damage fiber, yet removes stronger fibers in accordance with industry standards. It becomes evident how the remaining soft, supple fibers enhances the tactile experience of wearing natural fibers next to the skin.

The dehairing of fiber is known to be a critical link in the foundational chain of high-quality textile processing. Having demonstrated its capabilities and potential for improving production outcomes, the availability of commercial dehairing services in the United States offers producers and manufacturers of yarn and textiles with more options in the marketplace. Manufacturers can now achieve higher profitability through the provision of higher quality yarns and fibers within U.S. borders. One pass through the machine results in separating prime fiber from coarser fibers in three stages, each of which has its own commercial viability.

To date, the machine has processed a myriad of natural fibers including angora, alpaca, llama, buffalo, musk ox, wool, yak, cashmere, and mohair. In all, it is projected that the machine will process in excess of 60,000 pounds of fiber during the coming year.

Reprinted in part from Textiles and Trade