Cockett Named Next Utah State University President
November 4, 2016

The Utah Board of Regents on Wednesday chose Utah State University Provost Noelle Cockett, Ph.D., as the school's 16th president. Cockett, who joined USU as an assistant professor in 1990, is the school's first female president.

Cockett pledges to tirelessly devote her skills, experience and energy toward preserving USU's land-grant mission and to increase its success and impact within the community.

"Together," she said, "we will make USU an institution whose future is boundless and bright."

Cockett is a long-time member of USU's agriculture administration and leadership team where she is known by the sheep industry for her work on the sheep genome project. The outcome of her project, Assembly of the Ovine Whole Genome Reference Sequence, will accelerate genetic research in sheep and other ruminant animals and will pay big dividends to the future of sheep production globally. She served as the U.S. coordinator for the sheep gene-mapping project since 1993, working with numerous foreign countries on sheep research where she admirably represented the U.S. sheep industry in these international venues. She is also responsible for several new sheep-genomic discoveries and has published extensively in scientific and lay literature.

Cockett is expected to begin her term as USU president in January.