2017 ASI Convention Registration Opens
November 4, 2016

The American Sheep Industry Association's 2017 Convention will be held in downtown Denver on Jan. 25-28, 2017. As in past years, this event is the only annual opportunity to meet with the leaders in sheep production, feeding, lamb and wool processing, wool warehouses and trade, as well as the promotion and finance boards.

"We haven't held an ASI convention in Denver since 2000, so we are excited to work with processors, feedlots and wool testing lab to offer tours of some of these local facilities," said ASI Executive Director Peter Orwick. "We are also pleased to announce that Temple Grandin, Ph.D., will be addressing attendees at an Opening Session on Thursday afternoon. The industry was fortunate to have Grandin fill the role of subject matter expert in our recently released Sheep Handling Video and we look forward to hearing from her during our January meeting."

The veterinary feed directive discussion that was started last year will be continued by guest speaker Meg Oeller, DVM. Oeller has been asked to translate the VFD bureaucratic language into usable information for sheep producers.

The Young Entrepreneur program is back offering more hands-on, interactive sessions this year from a wool grading/classing session to young producers sharing their own stories about their operation.

Click on the following links to gather information about the meeting: Meeting alongside ASI in Denver are the American Lamb Board, American Goat Federation, ASI Women, Food and Fiber Risk Managers, Make It With Wool National Contestants, Mountain States Lamb Co-op, National Lamb Feeders Association, National Livestock Producers Association, National Sheep Improvement Program, National Sheep Industry Improvement Center, Sheep Venture Company, Superior Farms and Western Range Association.

Keep an eye on the Friday ASI Newsletter for updates to this annual event. We hope you will be able to join the industry in Denver in January!