Woolrich Mill Exhibit Making the Rounds
November 11, 2016

The Woolrich Mill: Tradition and Future of Wool, is an event born out of the collaboration between Woolrich John Rich & Bros. and The Woolmark Company, celebrating the tradition as well as the future of wool. The tour launched on Nov. 3 in Milan at the WP Store in Via Borgogna. Exclusive shots that narrate the spaces, products and primary materials that characterize the universe of the mill from 1830 to the present day were on view. The tour will make subsequent stops at flagship stores in London, Berlin, Amsterdam and New York to showcase the force and potential of Merino Wool in its greatest expression.

The exhibit features the work of Jackie Nickerson, who has taken photos of the oldest woolen mills in the US, detailing everything from the intricacy of the old machinery and looms, to the historical archives. The American brand began back in 1830 with a woollen mill in Pennsylvania, which is now the oldest manufacturing company still in business in the United States.