Poison Ivy-Eating Goats Coming To Prospect Park
May 6, 2016

There used to be sheep in Central Park and cows roaming underneath Manhattan, but this kind of rural livestock is largely missing from contemporary NYC. Soon, however, Prospect Park (where there were also sheep in the early 1900s) will introduce goats to its landscape.

The eight goats, arriving May 16, will be coming in temporarily "to assist with woodland restoration after damage caused by Hurricane Sandy and other recent storms," according to the Prospect Park Alliance. This is costing about $15,000, and funding is coming from the National Parks Service, administered through the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. The goats will stay in a protected, fenced-in area throughout their time in the park.

The alliance explains that the storms "damaged over 500 trees in the park, leaving the woodlands vulnerable to invasive plants and weeds" including English ivy, goutweed and poison ivy.

Farmer Larry Cihanek told the alliance, "They will eat their favorite foods first, and one of their top foods is poison ivy. They love it."