Lamb Price Reporting Comments Available for Viewing
May 6, 2016

The comment period for Livestock Mandatory Reporting closed effective April 29. Producers can now go online to view the comments at!docketBrowser;rpp=100;so=DESC;sb=docId;po=0;dct=PS;D=AMS-LPS-15-0070. Of the 10 comments submitted, one appears to be from an activist, one is specific to swine and eight comments focus on the recommended revisions to the lamb reporting requirements.

The American Sheep Industry Association supports the suggested terms as defined in the proposed rule, stating it believes the needs of the producer would be met by implementing these changes.

"These proposed revisions should help reflect the objectives of reporting accurate and usable market information and data for lamb producers," ASI states in its comments.

As defined in the proposed rule, lambs committed refers to lambs that are intended to be delivered to a packer beginning on the date of an agreement. Various comments, specifically from the packer organizations, request clarity for this definition, indicating it is subject to broad interpretation and will be impacted by the lambs' life cycle and marketing time frame.

Also of concern is the reporting definition of pelt prices. According to the processor comments, pelt pricing is reported on a lot basis versus an individual animal basis, making this type of reporting challenging to production. Clarification of this definition has been requested.

In addition, the Livestock Risk Protection-Lamb insurance program relies on the publication of formula lamb-price reporting. Until weekly formula lamb prices are again reported, LRP-Lamb will remain off-line.