ASI's Let's Grow Grants Support Sustainability of Sheep Industry
May 20, 2016

During the last 12 months, the American Sheep Industry Association's Let's Grow Committee has funded 36 grants infusing more than $671,000 into the American sheep industry nationwide. Ninety-eight grant-requests amounting to more than $2.9 million were submitted to the committee for consideration. Submissions were received from national organizations, state associations, breed groups, producer units and individuals located in more than 30 states spanning the country.

"It is evident to the committee that the sheep industry in the United States remains innovative," said ASI Let's Grow Committee Chair Susan Shultz. "Producers and producer groups alike have offered many groundbreaking and inventive ideas for sustaining and improving the industry."

The Let's Grow Committee met in Denver in May to review the State Mentor Program applications, as well as the Round 3 grant submissions. Twenty-two mentor grants were supported. Of the 28 Let's Grow grants submitted, 10 were approved for full or partial funding infusing nearly $185,000 into the industry.

Grants receiving funding in Round 3 of the program show a great amount of diversity and offer educational opportunities for producers across the country. Following are the details of these grants.
  • Western Maryland Commercial Sheep Producer Group - Determining Anthelmintic Resistance in the Southeast U.S. - Scope: Maryland, Virginia, Georgia
  • Producers Marketing Cooperative Incorporated - Producer Group Implementation of the 150 Percent Challenge - Scope: Texas
  • Utah Leading Edge Group - Leading Edge Sheep Production - Part III - Scope: Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada
  • Cornell University - Increasing Annual Lamb Productivity Through the Identification of Genes and Diagnostic Markers for Selection of Out of Season Breeding - Scope: Nationwide
  • American Polypay Association - Expanding the Use and Application of Quantitative Genetics in the Polypay Breed - Scope: Nationwide
  • Dakota Lamb Growers Cooperative - GM1 Sheep Production for Huntington's Disease: Training Videos, Record Management and Cooperator Communications - Scope: Nationwide
  • National Sheep Improvement Program - NSIP Producer Profiles and Genetics Exchange Website - Scope: Nationwide
  • RightRisk, LLC - Business Tools for Success - Scope: Nationwide
  • Montana Wool Growers Association - Next Generation Wool Grower Program - Scope: Montana
  • Montgomery Sheep Farm - Southeastern U.S. Grass-Based Pipestone-Model Lamb Production - Scope: Southeastern U.S.
It is the expectation of the committee that they will offer Round 4 of the grant application process in the fall of 2016. The priorities to be addressed in that round of funding will be reviewed and refined prior to the application being made available.

Anyone wishing to follow the progress of the funded grants can find an executive summary and a progress report at by clicking on the Funded Projects tab. As work on the grants is accomplished, updates are made available.