Meet the Site that is Like Uber - but for Tractors
May 13, 2016

Jordan Hickel has a long row of ultra-expensive tractors and other machinery parked on his farm in central Kansas.

"There's well over a million dollars of equipment out here," the 31-year-old farmer said, waving his hand at the vehicles while walking toward the crown jewel of his collection: A bright red 8120 CASE IH combine that he uses to harvest corn, soybeans, alfalfa and wheat.

But Hickel uses the towering machine only two months out of the year.

This summer, he's shipping the combine off to Colorado then Washington State - renting it out to other farmers through a website that hopes to bring the sharing economy to the farmstead.

Think Uber - but for tractors.

The site,, is the brainchild of a Kansas City company that started about 15 years ago as a traditional combine leasing business. Last year it launched the website that helps farmers make money by renting their equipment to those who can't afford the cost of buying the machines outright.

The platform now has more than 1,200 users and features "tens of millions of dollars worth of equipment," according to the company. Listings show several hundred different tractors, planters and combines available for rent around the country.

Reprinted in part from The Chicago Tribune