May ASI Wool Journal Available
May 13, 2016

The May 2016 issue of the ASI Wool Journal is available with headlines that read Modest Growth Predicted for Household Consumption, China's Wool Product Exports Turn the Corner and Competing Fiber Prices Begin to Recover.

The American Sheep Industry Association commissions Chris Wilcox, a leading analyst and commentator on the global wool industry, to produce the ASI Wool Journal, which offers insight into the U.S. and global wool markets.

In his Retail Demand and Economic Conditions column, Wilcox states, "Prospects for growth in household consumption in the major wool consuming countries during the next two years are clouded, with some improvement possible, albeit at relatively slow growth rates. Eight countries account for around two-thirds of the total world consumption of wool at retail, led by China (23 percent share), the United States (11 percent share) and Japan (9 percent share).

"One of the key drivers of demand throughout the wool textile industry back to the farm gate is how much disposable income consumers in these major retail markets have to spend. And one measure of this is the growth in private or household consumption," the article continues.

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