Textile Organization Puts Formal Support Behind TPP
March 4, 2016

The National Council of Textile Organizations implemented a plan to educate its members and to let them set the formal position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

At its January meeting, detailed briefings were presented on NCTO's TPP strategy, the specifics of the textile and apparel provisions of the text and the legislative process moving forward. The council met to formulate their respective positions on whether to support, oppose or remain neutral on TPP. The vote of the four councils was unanimous in support of TPP and was later affirmed by the NCTO Board.

In announcing its support, NCTO noted that there were serious trade-offs that had to be weighed by the association and its members.

"The American Sheep Industry Association appreciated that textile interests are covered in the agreement, however, there is not enough of a positive benefit for sheep producers for the industry to endorse TPP," said ASI Executive Director Peter Orwick. "U.S. lamb's tariff advantage over New Zealand and Australia in the Mexico and Canadian markets is eliminated with the implementation of TPP. At some point, if the U.S. government restores American lamb to Japan, there would be equal footing to compete with other suppliers in that market."