New Software Developed to Monitor Sheep Feedlots
March 4, 2016

A new software program to assist sheep feedlot managers with both detailed monitoring of animal performance along with business transactions involving the sheep feeding enterprise has been developed.

The ISU Sheep Feedlot Monitor Software (AS 7) is now available for purchase in the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Store and ensures sheep feedlots are efficient and monitored properly. The software program was developed by Garland Dahlke, assistant scientist with the Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University.

"This new software will provide sheep feedlot managers the same information cattle feedlots have to monitor their operation and stay efficient throughout the year," Dahlke said.

The software provides animal performance evaluations based on real time feed consumption and financial information that can be tied to health data. This creates a basis for the estimation of current growth and subsequent performance. The business components include day to day costs, income accounting and a built in option to track feed and drug inventory and generate billing statements for custom feeding operations.

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