Nominations Open for 2017 Lamb Board Positions
March 18, 2016

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service is seeking nominations for individuals to serve on the 2017 American Lamb Board. The deadline for nominations is May 16.

There are four vacancies on the board. Two vacancies for producers: one position for a producer with less than 100 head of lambs and one position for a producer with more than 500 head of lamb; one at-large feeder position; and one first-handler position. For the producer positions, one must be from Region 1 and the other may be from either Region 1 or 2. The feeder position can be from either region. Region 1 is the area east of the Mississippi River and Region 2 is the area west of the Mississippi River.

Current producer representatives Jim Percival (Ohio) and Diane Peavey (Idaho) are both eligible for re-appointment. Percival represents a producer with less than 100 head of lambs in Region 1 and Peavey is a producer with more than 500 head of lambs in Region 2.

The American Sheep Industry Association is certified to nominate individuals for the producer positions. Any producer interested in having their name put forward as a nominee for the American Lamb Board should contact ASI to complete and submit the required forms. The ASI executive board will meet at the beginning of May to formalize its nominations, therefore, all producer nominations must be turned in to ASI by May 6 to be considered. Contact Peter at or Mary at for details.

Other positions on the board that are eligible for re-appointment include feeder representative Dale Thorne (Mich.) and first handler Greg Ahart (Calif.). Feeders interested in a nomination can contact the National Lamb Feeders Association,, and those interested in the first-handler slot should reach out to the North American Meat Institute,

As a reminder, due to a resignation on the 2016 board, one additional processor position is open and nominations are due to AMS by April 15.

For more information about the board nominations and to locate the USDA Certified Nominating Organization in your state or region, visit