Obamas Served Lamb at State Dinner
March 11, 2016

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama served Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, a State Dinner titled "The Anticipation of Spring" on March 10.

The dinner featured Alaskan halibut, Colorado spring lamb, Idaho Yukon Gold potatoes, Virginia cheese and desserts with ingredients from a number of states.

The lamb that the Obamas served to the Trudeaus was, ironically, the only red meat that American grocery stores are required to label by country of origin after a trade dispute ended U.S. country-of-origin labeling for beef and pork.

The World Trade Organization agreed with Canada and Mexico that U.S. country-of-origin labeling for beef and pork discriminated against producers in those countries, and Congress was forced to repeal it. Canada and Mexico did not make lamb part of the WTO case, and Congress retained lamb labeling in the repeal process.

The White House does not appear, however, to be making a political statement with the choice of meat. Instead, lamb is part of the spring theme.