U.S. Baseline Lamb Cost of Production Model
June 17, 2016

The American Sheep Industry Association retained the Livestock Marketing Information Center to build baseline estimates regarding the on-farm/ranch costs of producing lambs. The LMIC-assembled working group used best-estimate industry parameters to generate regionally representative budgets, which will be constructed to facilitate a national aggregate.

Lamb production occurs across the United States and in a variety of ecological zones; economic costs of production reflect that diversity. Farm-level production costs and risk have increased in the last decade and needs to be described and evaluated including feedstuff costs, management practices, labor costs, predator losses, etc. The lamb industry includes several sectors, but this sector is the foundation and economic aspects require careful documentation and estimation.

The scope of the project is available for review at http://www.sheepusa.org/ResearchEducation_OtherResearch_SheepCostOfProductionStudy. The budget input portion of the project will be available in the near future.