Berry Amendment Protected, Again
June 17, 2016

The American Sheep Industry Association joined nearly 20 other associations to oppose an amendment to the fiscal year 2017 National Defense Appropriations Act that would undermine the Berry Amendment, which ensures that U.S. soldiers are equipped with Made in USA uniforms. Amendment 21 would preserve a policy in which recruits are equipped with foreign made athletic shoes.

"Singling out certain types of footwear for procurement outside the Berry Amendment creates a damaging precedent that undermines these important protections altogether," argued the signators of the letter to House members. "We urge that Amendment 21 be defeated so that athletic footwear, like other articles of footwear, textiles and clothing supplied to our troops, can and should be made in the United States."

The House, on June 16, rejected Amendment 21 by a vote of 265-165.